RHOC Recap: Liar, Liar, Friendships on Fire

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Hola OC fans! I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend and got some rest and relaxation. You will need it as this season of the OC is stressful, to say the least (and I’m just watching it – I can’t imagine living it.)

This week starts out with a bang in Beverly hills as the new girl is in the hot seat as she is caught in her first lie (don’t worry Braunwyn all of the ladies are eventually caught in one.) Braunwyn claims former OC housewives Lizzie Rovsek and Gretchen Rossi reached out to her but, oopsie, she actually reached out to them. Braunwyn claims a classic case of amnesia and claims she didn’t know there was bad blood between the former and current housewives; however, I’m not buying it. I said it last week and I’ll say it again: Braunwyn is said to be a super fan so there’s no way she didn’t know about the drama between these ladies.

Luckily for Braunwyn, Emily has marital drama so they move on to her issues and back off Braunwyn. Emily leaves the group early as she has to come home to Shane who took the bar exam earlier that day. The other ladies find it strange that Emily has to leave 15 minutes early to rush home to Shane and judging by Shane’s reaction he wished Emily would have stayed behind too. Shane is cold and standoffish, especially for a husband who left his family for a week. On top of that, he refuses to talk to Emily about his day and embarrasses Emily on camera. Perhaps Emily should have stayed behind and discussed marriage troubles with Shannon and Gina on the bus.

On to a more fun scene, we finally get a more in-depth look at Braunwyn’s eccentric and free-spirited mom as the two meet for dinner. It’s a miracle Braunwyn turned out normal as her childhood involved a lot of bars and being around drugs and alcohol. Perhaps this is why it was so important for her to be a stay at home mom as her upbringing was anything but traditional. Braunwyn admits to her mom that she was caught in a lie as she felt lying was the easy way out and just wants to be liked. She seemed shocked that people called her out on her lie as she is used to people just believing her which makes me wonder what else has she lied about? In all honesty, I do like Braunwyn and my heart went out for her after hearing about her upbringing. It’s apparent that Braunwyn having a traditional family with so many children was a reaction to her unstable childhood and it’s clear she still has some wounds.

Across town, Kelly meets with Dr. Brian to drop the bomb that there is a very ugly rumor going around about her. Shockingly Dr. Brian is not shocked about the rumor and laughs it off and ends up giving Kelly some sensible advice. Hopefully, Kelly takes his advice for the sake of her and her daughter as not giving it the time of day is the best way to go.

Apparently the other ladies needed to release their stress as they decide to take a hip hop class (in costume – including Tamra with a nose ring.) After bonding over questionable dancing skills Braunwyn opens up about being unable to cope with real-world problems which brings her closer to Tamra who is in the same boat. All seems forgiven and forgotten; however, I think everyone will have a closer eye on Braunwyn after this slip-up.

Also having a ladies day is Gina and Emily who have the opportunity to get their nails done as Gina’s court case was postponed (at least that’s what we are told.) Gina is concerned about Emily as Gina is the one with the problems but Emily clearly has a lot going on as well. Gina seems a mess this season and things go from bad to worse as the judge ends up issuing a warrant for her arrest as it turns out she was supposed to be at court that day. Oops! Luckily for Gina, she has friends in high places and Shannon Storms is coming to the rescue with her super attorney as apparently Gina’s sucks. Side note: Shannon Storms is a great superhero name – perhaps saving vulnerable women going through divorces is her super power?

Cementing their new friendship status, Shannon ends up meeting Gina for some furniture shopping which is an odd place to bond but the two pick some random chairs and go deep quick. Despite the quirky setting the two seem to have a genuine friendship and it’s touching to see. Shannon is like a big sister to Gina and girl needs some guidance so preach away Shannon!

Thoughts on this episode? What do you think of Shannon and Gina’s new friendship?

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