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Lance Bass Says the Beverly Hills Housewives Are Jealous of Lisa Vanderpump; Reveals He Told LVP To Quit the Show Years Ago!

Fans of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills may be sad about Lisa Vanderpump‘s departure but one person in her life who isn’t is her good friend Lance Bass.

In a new interview with PEOPLE, Lance reveals that he’d “been trying to get her to leave that show for years.”

“I kept telling her like, ‘Look, one season these girls are going to take you down. They are going to plan. They are going to meet up’ … and they did. They waited years to bring her down,” said Bass.

Adding, “they went hard at her.”

Lance then admitted that when it all went down there was “kind of” an “I told you so text” between him and Lisa.

“But you know, Lisa has such a huge heart and, you know, she’s one of those people also that I say, ‘Don’t read the comments.’ But she’s one of those people that she wants everyone to like her,” Bass said. “She wants to prove, ‘No, no, I mean this.’ And you can’t change everyone’s minds.”

He continued, “not everyone is going to approve of everything that you do, so you just need to be yourself.”

So why did the RHOBH cast want to take LVP down?

Jealousy, according to Lance, who tells PEOPLE, “They’re jealous, c’mon now.”

“She was the queen, queen bee,” Bass said. “So of course a lot of jealousy comes in, and Lisa has this wicked sense of humor, this British humor that a lot of people don’t get. So she’s always poking, she’s always making fun, which I love.”

Lance says he’s experienced LVP’s “British humor” first hand and enjoys it, unlike so many others who just don’t get it.

“She gives it to me and my husband,” he explained. “I mean, all the time. I mean, she’s always making fun of me. But I love it and I embrace it.”

Meanwhile, Andy Cohen has made it clear that while he will “miss” LVP on RHOBH the show will go on without her.

“I love Lisa Vanderpump, but the great thing about the Housewives is it’s an ensemble show. We have a group of all-stars in Beverly Hills” Andy explained following LVP’s exit.

He continued, “New York survived when Bethenny [Frankel] left, Atlanta survived when NeNe [Leakes] left for a bit. So People come and they go, and I hope that Lisa comes back at some point.”

Luckily, fans will still get their LVP fix on Vanderpump Rules. And who knows LVP could have another spinoff or two in the works.

Vanderpump Rules is expected to return to Bravo for season 8 in late 2019.

Do you think the RHOBH cast is jealous of LVP? Should LVP have left RHOBH sooner?

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Source: PEOPLE 

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