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Let’s Discuss RHOC: Breakdown in Beverly Hills!

Wow. That’s all I have to say regarding the rumor that is rocking Orange County.

In case you thought petty rumors were still a thing on the RHOC you obviously haven’t been around as we’ve escalated to drug accusation and rumors about Kelly and trains (and I’m not referring to Kelly getting drunk and doing ‘The Locomotion’ dance.) I wish I was because I’m honestly shocked at how dark this season is getting. Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprise – this is the same franchise that had Brooks on for multiple seasons; however I digress…

Between Gina and her problems with her ex-husband, Vick/Kelly and their constant low blows at least we have the new girl Braunwyn to be the light and a fun addition to the group – right? Apparently not, as she is the one who decided to go and tell Kelly about the train rumor which is now dividing the group and turning it into Kelly vs. the OC.

To be fair, I don’t think Braunwyn decided to go and talk to Kelly on her own. I have a feeling production gently nudged her in that direction. On the other hand, word is Braunwyn was a super fan before joining the show so maybe she did do it on her own as she has to know how this game show works. In all honesty I do think Braunwyn is a good addition to the cast but she certainly didn’t help calm the situation, as did none of the other women who helped spread the rumor on camera (including Tamra who isn’t as innocent as she thinks she is.)

So let’s go back to where this rumor started. Apparently all three of the original ‘amigas’ (Vicki, Shannon and Tamra) heard the rumor but agreed it would be damaging to Kelly and her family so decided not to discuss it. Apparently Vicki thinks she can bait, hint and suggest all she wants but it doesn’t count as spreading it, while Tamra just brings it up clear as day on camera. Braunwyn is in agreement that they shouldn’t spread the rumor after it was put “out there” but apparently thinks that means to no one new and circles it back to Kelly. I do understand where Braunwyn is coming from as if everyone was talking about me I would want the heads up to clear said rumor, however according to Gina (and the rest of the girls) she is being a pot stirrer:

Things get very ugly when the ladies come together as Kelly goes from being part of the exclusive circle of OC friends to fighting with nearly everyone. She is understandably livid with Vicki (if it wasn’t for her these ugly rumors may have never seen the light of day) but is now questioning her friendship with Shannon and Tamra along with their loyalty. In the cross fire is Emily and Gina who she is now fighting with; however I think she is in defense mode and is coming at everyone in her path. Gina, who has been one of her close friends in the bunch up until now, is now her target as Kelly once again throws a very low blow by bringing up Gina’s lost passport, suspended driving license and shockingly comments on Gina’s children’s behavior, claiming they “run a muck.”

Overall I feel this season is just plain ugly so far. I don’t mind drama and even some cattiness but I don’t like seeing anyone, or their family truly hurt. I feel the rumors against Kelly could be damaging to her and her family which makes it almost hard to watch. That is my two cents but let’s hear from you:

What do you think about the ladies spreading the rumor? Was Braunwyn being helpful or hurtful by telling Kelly? Thoughts on Kelly lashing out at everyone at the end?

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