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Let’s Discuss: Southern Charm Reunion!

Hello Charmer fans!

Did you catch last night’s reunion? Between drug accusations, make ups and break ups there is a lot to go over. Let’s get into it shall we?

I will say the cast of Southern Charm is a good looking bunch! Everyone looked stunning but my ‘best dressed’ goes to Naomie and Katrhyn – both definitely ‘brought it.’

Despite everyone looking good, some dark themes plagued the room including drug abuse accusations in multiple cast members. First up was Craig whose transformation and improvements came up along with speculations that the real reason he was able to turn his life around wasn’t just his life coach, but also his ability to get off his prescribed Adderall. Craig admits his outbursts were disturbing to him as well and were in part due to his abuse of the drug. Apparently it took going to the Bahamas and leaving the pills behind to get healthy and (finally) get over Naomie:

Other serious drug allegations included Kathryn whose bizarre appearance on WWHL which left tongues wagging. Kathryn was definitely “off” that night as she seemed confused, unable to answer simple questions and looked bewildered the entire show. Kathryn states it was due to nerves being on live TV; however with Thomas’ recent allegations the behavior was concerning (to which the other Charmers agreed.)

Other than drugs, topics that came up were snobbery and elitism (Shep) general laziness (aka all of the SC men) and the SC women and their roles. While Cameran admits she still struggles being a stay at home mom, she did admit after seeing herself on screen she cringed as she looks like a privileged woman that was just complaining. I applaud Cameran’s honesty but also applaud her admitting that she is privileged enough to make that choice and it wasn’t a great look. While I think it’s common knowledge that the SC woman are more career driven than the men, interestingly enough the men seemed to agree that they would prefer a traditional wife as it’s how they were brought up. The exception being Austen who to the shock of no one likes his woman to bring home the bacon while he toys with his beer recipes.

Naomie and her role as a woman came up as many viewers were shocked to see how submissive she seemed with her (what appears to be) a controlling boyfriend. During this season, we saw Metul tell Naomie how to work out, what to eat/not eat and expressing concern with her taking a trip with her friends. I admit it wasn’t a great look for Naomie who has been such a strong, independent woman in past seasons or for her new boyfriend. Despite the viewer backlash Naomie insists that we only saw one side to Metul and that she continues to stand by her man:

Next week we will dive in deeper to Kathryn’s current situation and Thomas’ allegations which seemed to be a dark theme this season. Stay tuned my fellow Charmers!

Thoughts on part 1 of the reunion? Votes on best dressed?

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