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If you thought your job was stressful try doing it while working with your ex! For Nina Klemm and Michael LeSure, the stars of Bravo’s newest reality show Flipping Exes, this is their average day. The former couple doesn’t let their differences get in the way of making money by flipping homes in the Indianapolis area, combined with Nina’s real estate career making them your ‘not so average’ dream team. Since AllAboutTRH loves to get the latest scoop on all things Bravo, we couldn’t resist reaching out to the dynamic duo for an exclusive interview.

I could be biased, but Indianapolis is such a hidden gem! What are you most excited to share about the city?

Nina: I’m really excited to highlight the different areas and am just amazed at the growth that we’ve experienced. I’ve been here for 11 years and it’s really amazing to see what has transpired in the area during that time.

Michael: I’m really excited to showcase all of the neighborhoods in Indianapolis in a positive light. The home values in the area have really gone up and this allows us to put elements into the properties that really showcase our talents.

For people who aren’t familiar with the area, what do you think they will be most surprised with when watching the show?

N: How beautiful it is! Being from the east coast, I was thinking it was all farmland. When I moved here I could’t believe how clean and beautiful everything was. I really think the producers did an amazing job highlighting the areas and showcasing how beautiful the city is.

M: People generally think it’s all cornfields around here but they’ll get to see what our downtown area looks like along with the surrounding areas and see that it’s really thriving.

Obviously this is a different location than most of the real estate shows we’ve seen on Bravo. How did the opportunity come about?

N: It wasn’t planned at all. It was a two minute clip on YouTube that the talent scouts from Bobby Flay’s production company (Rock Shrimp) happened to see and thought was hilarious. When we were first contacted, we honestly thought it was a joke until they asked for a video interview and then we knew they were serious.

M: I think what they really liked that they saw is the authenticity of it. How we are on camera is really how we are in real life:

Original YouTube video:

So tell me about the timeline. What came first, the two of you dating or working together?

N: While we were dating we never worked together. When we stopped dating I was still asking him a lot of questions because he was a general contractor and we started to work together to flip a house. One day we were bickering about directions in the car and I suggested a YouTube channel called ‘Flipping Exes’ and Michael looked at me and said ‘that may be the smartest thing that you’ve ever said.’

Were either of you familiar with Bravo at the time or watch any of the ‘Real Housewives’ shows?

N: You know I think they’re all great but I’ve always really liked Potomac – I love Monique!
M: You know what -that’s my favorite too! We’ve never actually watched it together. I’d have to say Gizelle and Robyn are probably my two favorites.
N: Well look at that Michael – we have something in common. Coming from the east coast I’ve also gotta give love to New York as well.

There are so many people trying to get into real estate and flipping, even as a side hustle. What advice do you have for anyone trying to break into the industry?

N: From a design perspective, I think a mistake people often make is changing the house to something it shouldn’t be. If you can keep as much characteristics of the original home – do it. As an example, if it’s a mid-century modern and you try and turn it into a cookie-cutter home , it just doesn’t work.
M: From a construction perspective, TV can sensationalize it and make it seem really easy. You have to expect the unexpected as if there’s anything that can go wrong it will. Be prepared that it’s not easy and there will be additional expenses and that it’s not going to be perfect. It’s not just paint, carpet, you’re in/out and you make all this money. There’s a lot of work behind the scenes that needs to be done to not only make the house look good but functional as well.

So what has the response been so far? Have you had anyone reach out that you were surprised was a fan?

M: It’s been amazing to see how far the show is reaching. I got a message from someone in Sweden that watches the show online. Surprisingly a Bishop from New York reached out to me and said he loved the show and I didn’t even know a Bishop would be watching TV (side note: have to admit that made me laugh) Overall, the feedback has been really positive and people are finding the show funny an entertaining. 

Since it’s called Flipping Exes and you have such great chemistry so I have to ask: Any chance you guys will ever get back together in the future?

N: Well all I’ll say is that people will just have to tune into the rest of the season to find out 😉

Special thanks to Nina and Michael for catching up with us at AllAboutTRH! If you haven’t started watching Flipping Exes yet you can catch up on Bravo and by tuning in on Tuesdays at 10/9C. I have to say that Nina and Michael are every bit as funny, dynamic and have the same great chemistry off screen as we see on the show. Be sure to check it out then come back here to tell us what you think.

Have you been tuning into Flipping Exes? What are your thoughts?

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