RHOBH Reunion Recap: Part 3

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We left our last reunion with Camille stripping and storming off set. So what will happen this week? Let’s find out…

The ladies are NOT feeling Camille this season, especially Denise who is being falsely accused and keeps telling Camille to calm down: Note to Denise – telling an angry woman to calm down NEVER works! Case in point? a semi-nude Camille walks off with Andy chasing after her as she strips. Andy begs Camille return to the couch however Camille is reduced to tears and feels ganged up on because she didn’t jump on the Lisa Vanderpump “hate train.”

A teary Camille returns to the stage with the “witches of Eastwick” (her words not mine) and reveals she was cut deep as the other ladies trashed her wedding and Teddi said the best part about it was the departure. I will say weddings require a lot of effort, cost a lot of money and are a ton of planning so I would have been deeply hurt at that comment as well. The other ladies are equally as hurt that Camille stated she didn’t want them at her wedding and feel she hasn’t been consistent with her opinions (valid point.)

The hits keep coming for Camille as we discuss Dorit’s money accusations, Denise’s daughter comments and Camille’s thoughts on the Brett Kavanaugh scandal. I know Camille is wishy-washy and can say some pretty crazy things but her sadness and grief make me want to give her a hug. Between losing her longtime friend/assistant and the fire she is clearly going through it. Her tears are genuine and I feel like someone should have got up and given her a hug (which Rinna finally gives into.) After watching the season, Camille makes some apologies but I don’t think it’s enough to restore her friendship with the ladies.

We finally get some laughs and get a montage of the crazy rich ladies of Beverly Hills and what they do to travel in style. I get serious envy here as I love to travel and now have the Bahamas and Provence on my wish list. Maybe I can learn how to do hair and be part of the glam squad? We learn that the ladies ask permission of their husbands before big purchases (secret to a trustworthy marriage) and while they may be divas they do their own grocery shopping.

We finally get to the meat of the season: Puppygate and the infamous lie detector test. The polygraph test is in question and Kyle claims the story about her daughter’s friend seeing LVP there is 100% true and even goes as far to say they saw LVP doing a test run before production got it on camera. Ruh roh! The ladies stand firm she had something to do with the leaking of the story and are on the same page that LVP said horrific things about them but did not retaliate.

The tragic topic of LVP’s brother comes up along with the viewers backlash this season that there was a ‘gang up’ at a time when LVP was at an all time low. The ladies don’t see themselves of “mean girls” and stand firm that this has been a pattern with Vanderpump over the years. I can see both side. I do think LVP has a pattern of keeping her hands clean but I do feel the ladies were vicious at a time when Lisa was hurting. It’s difficult waters to navigate and even at the reunion we don’t seem to have any resolution.

Kyle’s friendship with Lisa V. comes up and it starts out sweet but the montage shows that their friendship has had serious cracks in it for years. For the past few seasons I had been saying that their friendship was purely for the show at this point as it seemed the two would constantly talk behind each other’s backs then make up on camera. The two never seemed to have each other’s backs which is quality #1 in a true friendship. The montage is pretty intense and leaves Kyle in tears as she calls the end of their friendship “sad.” Kyle says she paid the ultimate price for being honest and the ladies all agree that it’s a sand end for Lisa Vanderpump’s run as a housewife. Kyle’s “goodbye challenge” comes up and while many viewers thought it was cruel, Kyle states it was a way for her to control the hate tweets she was getting online.

We get ready to wrap it up and Denise feels she made true friendships (ask her that again in a few seasons), Erika feels she finally is a girl’s girl, Dorit is loving the current group, Teddi is now woke, Rinna feels she was forthcoming and Kyle claims she is still having fun doing the show. Curiosity kills the cat as Andy opens LVP’s birthday present to reveal a gorgeous Manolo belt. It looks exactly like something Lisa would wear, so much so that I feel she already owns it – am I crazy?

We wrap it up with a tequila shot but we still don’t have the truth to puppygate. Will we ever get anwers???

Thoughts on this season? Do you like the current group of women? Thoughts on LVP missing the reunion?

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