RHONY Recap Part 3

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Welcome back New York fans! We finally made it through the week but will the ladies of the Big Apple make it through the reunion? Let’s find out…

The ladies left off on a sour note as Bethenny felt like a fool and disrespected for Lu not taking rehab seriously when she took time out of her life to help her out. I think the real root is, looking back, Bethenny felt she went out of her way to help Luann when she could have been focusing on Dennis. To make matters worse, Luann is completely ungrateful for it. The ladies think that Luann is still drinking on the side (which I also think) as Lu doesn’t seem to take the program seriously and is doing the bare minimum to appease the judge. Case in point? Six days after the reunion, Lu was back in court for violating probation. Need I say more?

Luckily for Luann (and unfortunately for Sonja) we move on to Miami and see her humiliating drunken antics throughout the season. The infamous “Morgan letters” come up and Sonja blames it it on her being part of the board of a Morgan charity which I’m not buying for a minute. Sonja clearly has issues with the Morgan family memorabilia and I think it’s almost a metaphor for her old Townhouse and current life situation. My advice? Stay in that chic new apartment as long as you can as she turns into a completely different person when she turns into “Lady Morgan.” Sonja’s drunken Miami debauchery came up and fortunately Bethenny confirmed that no pills were in her bag it was 100% too much alcohol. Despite no pills being involved, it’s still disturbing as Sonja should know her drinking limit; however we tend to see her as a sloppy drunk more than enough times.

Ramona is next on Andy’s radar and gets emotional discussing her childhood in upstate New York and her father. Ramona can be crazy a lot of the time but when she is raw and human like in times like that this my heart goes out to her and I have genuine sympathy for her. This serious moment is interrupted by Luann who missed taking her breathalyzer test and pesters Andy for the time. Classic Lu – it’s always about her!

Barbara joins the ladies and I tend to always feel bad for her as it’s like watching a lamb walk into the lions den. We get the Barbara K. montage and one thing is for sure: Barbara for the life of her cannot remember that she is wearing a mic – get it together Barb! Lu takes her “singing career” very seriously so is personally insulted that Barbara said she can’t sing. The truth hurts but her statement is true: Luann can perform but she can’t sing (and there is a difference.) Luann clearly continues her train of delusion as she is going to be in Chicago on Broadway and seems to think it’s based on her talent and not the fact that she’s a reality star that will fill seats.

Ramona’s beef with Barbara comes up and it’s safe to say that Ramona was the Regina George in the group to poor Barbara. Between not inviting her out, making fun of her clothing and calling her ‘masculine’ I can’t believe how cordial Barbara could remain in the face of the Singer Stinger. Barbara gets real and gets emotional when she said she felt left out and like the ‘uncool kid’ at camp; however admits she is better off as a ‘friend’ and not an official housewife (once again I agree.) We warp up Barbara with a tour de hugs and a LOT of self tanner jokes.

Once Barbara leaves, we get back to the problem at hand: Luann. Luann’s ego was out of control this season and because she hasn’t drank in a few weeks she feels she is the moral police which triggers Bethenny’s infamous meltdown. Luann is still sticking by her story that the ladies are jealous of her; however the ladies prove their point that Lu is self-centered when she proves she doesn’t know where Dorinda’s daughter is going to school. It’s clear that Luann needs to humble herself and get off her high horse and Bethenny proves her point by having her kiss her ass for everything she’s done for her.

Bethenny’s epic breakdown in Miami comes up and the B admits Lu was only a piece of the pie as it was a mountain of problems and Luann was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. Anyone who is going through a rough time can understand when problems pile up minor things can trigger a meltdown so I understand where Bethenny is coming from.

We wrap up with the ladies getting emotional about Luann and stating that they want to rally and support her (as long as she bakes herself a humble pie.) We end the reunion on a high note toasting with virgin drinks (in honor of Lu) and go around saying what they regret from the season. Dorinda wishes she went to the clam bake, Tinsley regrets looking a fool in clown drag, Bethenny regrets commenting on Tins not having children and Lu has regrets on her relationship with B; however overall there is resolution.

Thoughts on the reunion? Best/Worst dressed? Best/Worst moment?

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