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RHOBH Reunion Recap Part 2

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS -- "Reunion" -- Pictured: (l-r) Denise Richards, Erika Girardi, Lisa Rinna, Andy Cohen, Kyle Richards, Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave, Dorit Kemsley -- (Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Bravo)

Guess what day of the week it is? It’s hump day! Also the day after the Beverly Hills Reunion Part 2 so it’s time to recap (and gossip!)

We left off with Teddi getting called out as Dorit said what I had been thinking all season: Teddi didn’t get a clear conscious in puppygate – she just didn’t want to go through with it alone. Boom. Teddi defends herself by saying the two didn’t have a relationship and she really hated Dorit at the time, hence her going along with the plan. Andy (and myself) are still confused as to why Teddi spoke with LVP’s employees instead of Lisa herself however TeddiBear didn’t have a clear answer other than she heard “Lisa wants you to know” from John Blizzard. Teddi is not out of the hot seat as in the Bahamas she proudly declared she never lied (which is a lie as we’ve all lied before, c’mon Teddi!) Teddi insists she wasn’t lying and if she was she was taking accountability for it; however Andy (and the other ladies) seem skeptical on her answer.

Dorit is then questioned as to why she didn’t return the dog to Vanderpump Dogs; however Dorit insists that both she and LVP agreed that it seemed like a suitable home and shades LVP by stating that Lisa didn’t do a follow up home check (hinting she didn’t do her due diligence.) Andy questions the other ladies on their legal issues and Erika states her case is resolved, Kyle states her’s is misunderstood and Dorit’s doesn’t need discussing. In other words, we get nothing. The ladies state they don’t bring up lawsuits; however they seem to forget that Lisa Rinna brought up the lawsuit with Vanderpump Dogs the season prior. Missed a golden opportunity to call the ladies out there Cohen!

We move on to a lighter montage and see the ladies as their sexiest selves and I admit they all look fabulous (to be fair they can afford it!) Fun quickly turns to serious as the ladies reveal the dark side to Beverly Hills: The impossible standards of beauty and the scary price people pay to stay thin. Amelia’s anorexia comes up along with the family BBQ scene that had viewers talking. Lisa Rinna states Amelia is in a healthier place and everyone is seeing a therapist to help navigate these waters; however even she is unsure if growing up with a very thin mother had anything to do with her issues. Lisa reveals she in part feels guilty for Amelia’s issues to which Kyle chimes in stating she was afraid to reveal her eating issues to her daughters as she didn’t want it to affect them. There’s no doubt growing up in Beverly Hills and in the age of social media is rough so my heart does go out to anyone who is struggling.

Next up is Teddi and Kyle’s friendship which has gone from zero to ten in about 30 seconds. So what happened? The ladies feel that Teddi looks up to Kyle and that Teddi is almost a makeover project for Kyle (anyone else getting Cher/Tai Clueless vibe here??) Camille feels that Teddi can be used as Kyle’s mouthpiece and will say what Kyle really wants to say but doesn’t actually want to do it (does this sound familiar??) Camille labels their friendship as ‘creepy’ and while I wouldn’t say it’s creepy it’s kinda weird. I do think they have a sincere friendship but I don’t know why Teddi constantly wants to fight Kyle’s battles and will speak for her. Now that LVP is out of the picture is everyone fighting to be BFF’s with the last standing OG?

The bizarre/drunk night in Provence comes up as Teddi and Kyle clearly had an agenda as the two wanted Erika to be upset that Rinna impersonated her. It started at Farrah-ween as Rinna admits she didn’t want to be in the same photo as Kim so flipped the bird and used the dreaded ‘c’ word. Teddi admits she shouldn’t have told Erika how she should feel; however I suspect that Kyle is still upset that Rinna used Erika Jayne to get back at her sister Kim. Teddi and Kyle seem genuinely remorseful that their issues with Erika went as far as they did; however Teddi admits that her guard with Erika is still up.

Camille is back in the hot seat and is grilled about flip flopping all season and talking out both sides of her mouth. Camille does the old ‘blames editing’ excuse however then states she can have two independent thoughts before blaming the other ladies for trying to get her to join the ‘I hate the LVP’ club. There’s a lot going on and Camille comes unraveled very quickly and calls Dorit the ‘phoniest person I’ve ever met’ and calls the group of ladies the ‘witches of Eastwick.’ Here’s the thing about Camille: she does flip flop but I do think she’s honest when she calls the ladies hypocrites as everything that she’s done (flip flopped, talked behind backs etc.) I’m sure the other ladies have as well. It’s kind pot calling the kettle here as even Erika admits that they all have talked behind each others backs at one point or the other.

Camille and Denise’s issues come up and it’s here that things go from bad to ugly. Camille seems to remember moments differently and states that Denise told her to tell her daughter she was an effing liar and that Denise cussed at her kids. I have no idea why Camille is bringing Denise’s parenting into this as it’s a very low blow and as the flashbacks show isn’t true. It’s clear that Camille is in ‘flight or fight’ mode and it looks like she has chosen to fight…then flight.

Thoughts on the Reunion so far? Best moment? Worst moment?

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