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RHONY Reunion Recap: Part 2

Greetings New York fans! My apologies for the lack of recap last week but we are back with a bang for part two, and knowing the ladies of the Big Apple they aren’t going to disappoint!

Starting off right off the bat is Ramona who comes in hot regarding the infamous table incident at a charity event. Ramona clearly left Dorinda high and dry and left her at dismal table 62 while she tried to break into the 1%ers. Ramona is like a dog with a bone as she can’t simply say I’m sorry and move on despite the fact that she was caught lying on camera. Regarding her birthday, Ramona claims she didn’t want it filmed; however was fine sharing it on social media with millions of fans. It’s clear Ramona doesn’t look good this season and instead of owning her behavior she just keeps making excuses and adding to her story to complicate things. Her comments about Dennis then come up which Bethenny takes severe issue with (obviously) claims that Ramona is lacking compassion and hits below the belt (and I’ll say yes to both of those accusations.)

Tinsley is next in the hot seat and we get her montage of a rather dismal season surrounding the death of her dog, the breakup between her and Scott and the downfall between her and the rest of the cast. Tinsley finds talking about money tacky as she is a southern belle; however goes way back in time giving us a history of debutante balls and her southern roots to explain why she is so rich. Tinsley has a ton of family money and was a socialite back when being a socialite was still a thing; however the ladies still question where she gets her money. Dorinda leads the charge that the dollars and cents don’t add up and I don’t understand why they care so much. I find it possible that Tinsley’s family (and divorce) money can cover her lifestyle; however perhaps these ladies know something us viewers don’t? It’s all brought to our attention that this real housewife of New York doesn’t -gasp- live in New York? It’s this grounds for a firing??

Tinsley finally gets the change to speak (despite being constantly interrupted by the other ladies) and reveals her family trust temporarily gave her less money when she hit rock bottom; however when she proved herself, the money started to flow again. This seems to satisfy the other women; however none of the women apologize that they were wrong about Scott paying for her. Tinsley isn’t my favorite but I do feel for her as she doesn’t seem to have a friend on this couch. Bethenny stands by her statement that she sets women back 100 years and when Andy tries to defend her basing her life on old southern values and her wealthy upbringing, none of the ladies come to her defense. Bottom line: Tinsley may not be the poster for female empowerment but it’s not her fault that she grew up wealthy. Most of these women got their money by marrying (and divorcing) wealthy men so who are they to be judging?

Luckily we move on to something more fun an get a montage of the ladies funniest quirks. Among them are Tinsley’s drinking, Sonja’s gas and Luann’s obsession with the cabaret. Ramona clearly was feeling good about her appearance this season and feels she looks like she’s in her 40’s and we get a throwback of her shading Tinsley for looking old for her age while she claims she looks young.  Yikes. This entire reunion I’ve wanted to give Tinsley a hug while telling Ramona to get over herself – is anyone else with me?

Luann is next to get her up close and personal and to no one’s surprise the biggest story line was her two lives: Cabaret and sobriety (and the two don’t exactly go hand in hand.) Luann admits that she recently slipped up with her sobriety and reveals staying sober is a full time job for her. Despite previously saying that being with this cast isn’t tempting, she blames the ladies for tempting her and for being a stress in her life by constantly drinking around them. Just a thought: if you are trying to stay sober due a court order maybe not be on a show that revolves around social drinking events. Once again, just a thought. I have to say that her continuing to stay on the show, coupled with her “slip ups” paints a picture of her not taking her offenses or sobriety seriously (to which the other ladies agree.)

Luann’s manic episode comes up and Lu admits it was her rock bottom as it affected her relationship with her children. Luann admits that she had a severe breakdown and it was more than just the alcohol as her mental health was in a very fragile state. It’s hard to take Luann seriously as it comes up that she left rehab early and was on her phone the entire time that she was in it vs. working on herself and getting to the root of the problem. I think Luann has a LOT of work to do and part of that is humbling herself and looking inwards and it seems the other women do as well as we end with Ramona accusing Luann of drinking on the side.

Next week Barbara K. joins the couch and we continue with Luann and her journey – stay tuned!

Thoughts on reunion part two?

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