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RHOP: Katie Rost Slams Ashley Darby And Accuses Her Of Covering Up Husband’s “Misbehavior” And Using Her Pregnancy As A “Shield” And Ashley Responds!

The Real Housewives of Potomac have a lot going on right now, both on-and-off camera. After the last episode that aired, Katie Rost is slamming her co-star Ashley Darby on social media after comments Ashley made during Bravo’s After Show. Ashley referred to Katie’s farmhouse as “scruffy” and Katie is clapping back and going in!

Katie took to social media to address the comments that Ashley made. Katie also accused Ashley of covering up for her husband Michael Darby’s alleged “sexual misbehavior.” Ashley recently gave birth to a baby boy, and Katie said that Ashley had used her pregnancy as a “shield” during all of this.

Katie posted, “I just watched a video on @Bravotv, guess it was one of the aftershow breakdowns on # RHOP, anyway, Ashley Darby was sitting there, feet up, talking s–t about my magnificent property, Sunny Hill Farm. (A property by the way that I bought at 27 years old for a million dollars with my own hard-earned modeling money, none of which involved banging an 80 year old) I’ve kept my mouth shut about her, but honestly, how can a woman who grew up in squalor, literally grew up on welfare and being kicked out of homes all her life (as Ashley Darby has said was her story) think that her crown fits well enough to talk s–t about me and mine? I’m all for people having a come uppance, but don’t front like you are something that you are not. The abusive digs at other women just to cover for sexual misbehavior from your husband, the nastiness, the running for cover using a pregnancy to shield yourself is not cool. Eeeeeew! People who know how vicious her mouth and behavior are, know. It’s not cool. Watch your mouth girl….”

During the RHOP After Show, Ashley had said, “I thought it was actually pretty fun. I had never seen Katie’s farm, and when we get there, it was a little on the scruffy side to say the least.” Michael was accused of grabbing a cameraman’s butt during the last episode of the RHOP. The charges have since been dropped after the district attorney said there was insufficient evidence to move forward with the case. On the first season of the RHOP, Ashley’s husband was accused of smacking the butt of Katie’s fiancé at the time while they were all dancing at an event. Co-stars Robyn Dixon and Gizelle Bryant brought this to the attention of Katie and Ashley.

Ashley responded on Twitter and took some shots at Katie and co-star, Candiace Dillard. Ashley wrote, “Hello my friends! This motherhood journey is the best feeling in the entire world ?! I have stepped out of my peace bubble to say I will spare no one at this reunion. Mail order c–ch Katie and hamster face Candiace will hear what I have to say then.”

All I can say is: Woah! On a positive note, I’m loving that the RHOP is back on right now.

Thoughts on this all? Sound off below!

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