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Dorit Kemsley Reveals What She Would’ve Said to Lisa Vanderpump At the RHOBH Reunion; Plus, Reveals If Her Bank Accounts Are Really Frozen!

Dorit Kemsley got very real on Watch What Happens Live! about her drama with Lisa Vanderpump on this season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Lisa’s noticeable absence at the reunion.

The RHOBH star was asked by a caller what she would have said to LVP if she had come face-to-face with her at the season 9 reunion.

If you expected Dorit’s response to be shady well think again instead, Dorit’s answer was surprisingly calm, collected, and honest.

“It’s just a loaded question because there would be so much that I would want to say,” Dorit confessed. “But really, I would just ask her — Why? Why? Why did it have to get as far as it got? Why? Because it really didn’t have to.”

Dorit’s fellow WWHL guest RHONY star Ramona Singer chimed in adding, “Why couldn’t she just get past it all? Like, move on.”

Another caller asked if Dorit’s hubby PK Kemsley and LVP’s hubby Ken Todd were still friends despite Dorit and LVP’s falling out.

“Yeah, [their friendship] is inexistent,” Dorit revealed. “I never say done, but I will say that right now, they’re not speaking. But, I will say that [PK] did reach out. We sent flowers when [Lisa’s] mother passed away, and he sent a text message to Lisa.”

And despite all the drama with LVP, Dorit says she believes it’s “always possible” for her and Lisa to make up and repair their friendship.

Meanwhile, Dorit also addressed the rumors that her bank account has been frozen amid her and PK’s various legal issues.

WWHL host Andy Cohen asked, “Do you think you owe Camille [Grammer] an apology now that it came out that your bank account has been frozen?”

“God no,” Dorit said. “And that’s not even true.”

Andy clarified, “that’s not true?”

“Not the way it’s been blown up in the press,” Dorit explained.

“Was your bank account frozen?” Andy asked directly to which Dorit replied with a resounding, “No.”

When Andy pushed a little further asking, “Anything else you can add about it?”

Dorit shut him down saying, “No, I can’t really.”

Andy then asked if had anything to do with Beverly Beach, Dorit finally gave a little bit more details about what was going on with her rumored frozen bank account.

“It has nothing to do with Beverly Beach. It’s an ongoing issue that PK’s had and this was our bank account that I actually stopped anything from happening in and the judge decided to wait until the situation becomes more clear and that’s it,” Dorit explained.

“It has nothing to do with what Camille was saying,” Dorit added. “No, I certainly do not owe Camille an apology.”

Speaking of Dorit’s frozen bank account, PK poked fun at the rumors in a post on Instagram.

The three-part Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 9 reunion continues airing on Tuesday, July 23, at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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