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RHOBH Recap Finale: Hurricane Camille

Happy belated 4th my Beverly beauties! Was anyone wearing Beverly Beach by Dorit this past holiday weekend? Is it still in business after Camille’s allegations?? Let’s recap…

We left off with Camille accusing Dorit and her husband of owing a lot of money and the remaining ladies have the Kemsley’s back as they are over the return of season one Camille. But first: Kim!

Kim Richards is visiting her sister Kyle to catch up and Kyle reveals that Alexia has joined The Agency while Kim is loving being a grandma. Kyle is throwing a party for The Agency and invites Kim; however, Kim is wisely apprehensive as she doesn’t want to run into Lisa Rinna and be called the C word or have a broken wine glass thrown at her (or be threatened with texts.) Should I go on?

Enough of the Rinna/Kim feud, it’s all about the Dorit and Camille fiasco as Dorit is recapping the epic to dinner to husband PK who has been accused of being a grifter (to be fair – where there’s smoke there’s fire!) PK claims the bankruptcy is over a decade old (which is true); however the two have been plagued with money rumors and Beverly Beach is involved with multiple lawsuits so isn’t Camille right to be wary about this pair?

The night of the party is upon us and while Rinna is trying out yet another new hairstyle, Kyle is taping up her boobs as she may have the last pair of natural breasts in Beverly Hills (which I happen to love – props Kyle!) While Dorit works on her fierce pony she contemplates using it as a weapon if she finds herself in Camille’s presence.

The Agency party is….out of this world as we have some galactic type women serving food and Rinna and Erika come looking pretty psychedelic themselves. You can feel the tension as soon as Camille walks through the door as she seems to be the new Vanderpump within this group. Luckily it’s Beverly Hills so the evening starts off with fake air kisses and ‘oh you look lovely’; however it turns quickly when Camille tells Teddi to ‘shut it down’ and tells Teddi she wasn’t worth her time. Camille then addresses Kyle saying she was disappointed in her and feels the ladies ganged up on her as she didn’t jump on the LVP train.

Rinna is next in the hot seat as Camille feels attacked and confronts Rinna (blonde) head on. Camille feels the ladies kicked her while she was down in retaliation for saying something nice about LVP and accuses Rinna of being the real mean girl in the group. I don’t know why any of these women try to be ‘holier than thou’ as its’ well known they have all said terrible things about each other at some point and none of them are angels. I do think people should get a pass when they are going through something so attacking Camille right after her wedding and when her house burnt down wasn’t right (similar to how LVP was attacked after the death of her brother.)

Next up it’s Teddi who confronts Camille about her comment on her not being worth her time. If you know Teddi you know she is not going to be spoken down to; however, if you know Camille you know she doesn’t like Teddi so this is bound to end well! Denise then joins the conversation and gets into it with Camille which is the straw that breaks the Camille’s camel’s back and she ends up storming out oddly giving Rinna a hug on the way out. I don’t like seeing a gang up so seeing Camille being attacked after getting married and having her house burn down isn’t fun to watch.

Once Camille leaves, the mood lightens up and Kyle has some rose wine ready for Denise to try since she missed out on the Provence fun. Side note: I think this is the first time I’m seeing Denise drink anything besides straight tequila! Despite the rain, the party rolls on (for apparently six months) as we jump ahead half a year out of nowhere.

The ladies (minus Camille and LVP) come over to Kyle’s for what seems to be a funeral of their friendship with Lisa Vanderpump. The ladies take turns going around the table as to why their friendship with her is done and even share their LVP sightings. Rinna mentioned she saw her in a parking garage offering her money while Kyle says she saw her at Neiman Marcus; however it was still clear that their friendship was over for good. It’s a bittersweet (and frankly odd) ending to a bizarre season, and we are then treated to the obligatory updates of all of the ‘wives.

The preview of the reunion shows the ladies are ready to bring it; however I will say this is one season I’m glad is finally done.

Thoughts on the finale? Let’s discuss!

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