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RHOBH Recap: Thirst Impressions

Whose ready for drama surrounding grown woman arguing about a Halloween costume? If you’re not up for it – change the channel.

We left the Beverly Hills ladies arguing about Erika Jayne as if she was a figment of the imagination and not an actual person, and oh yes we are still in beautiful Provence.Unfortunately the ladies can’t seem to enjoy the beautiful French lavender and wine and instead continue to bait Erika Jayne. Or is it Girardi? Did we ever decide which one it is?? Whichever one it is, the girl has a hangover disguised as a migraine and is in a pissy mood over the night before

While Dorit and Teddi warm up limp balls, the other ladies visit the beautiful chapel to say a prayer for all those affected by the Malibu fires. Prayers are needed indeed as Denise and Aaron visit the ruins of their neighborhood and by the grace of God their home has minimal damage. I can’t imagine the fear of trying to get out of Malibu and my heart goes out to all affected. While Denise’s home is still standing, Camille’s house wasn’t as lucky. Camille’s home has so much damage that the firefighters had to fight the flames for over four hours which should paint a picture of the damage done.

Back in Provence, Kyle has arranged a helicopter to pick the ladies up for wine tasting and we see the return of Kyle’s infamous anxiety. As someone who suffers from anxiety I can emphasize with poor Kyle. I think you would have to give me a bottle of wine before I got on the helicopter thank you very much. Luckily, the bumpy helicopter ride ends in wine so it’s all good (for the most part.) I enjoy seeing the ladies being tipsy and having fun; however apparently a sober Erika does not and has a chip on her shoulder this entire trip. The opposite of Erika is Lisa Rinna who is tipsy as hell and having a field day doing what she does best: shading LVP.

The ladies decide that because Rinna’s LVP impression (not interpretation Teddi) is so spot on they should all do impressions (once again not interpretations) of each other. Drunk women mocking each other – what could go wrong? Apparently the only one that notices the irony is Erika who points out the double standard of Kyle and Teddi being offended about Rinna’s Erika impression the night before but now want to do impressions of the entire group. I admit the impressions were funny and didn’t come off as mean (minus the LVP and Camille impressions as if they aren’t there – it’s mean.)

On the way back, the impressions come up and it’s decided that Kyle’s impression of Erika was a little too spot on. A sober Erika is dry as toast and the ladies (specifically Kyle and Teddi) think there is more truth to her annoyed persona than she is letting on. Kyle and Teddi feel that Erika gets annoyed hanging out with these women and doesn’t always enjoy her time with them – are they just now realizing this? I could have told them this seasons ago.

At dinner, the ladies get deep very quick (most likely because they are all lit) and a teary Teddi proclaims her love to Kyle. The two are clearly new besties and when new BFF relationships form you know there is a lot going on behind the scenes. All seems to be going well at dinner until Teddi decides to poke the tiger by asking Erika why she was annoyed the night before. Kyle and Teddi will not stop poking Erika until she declares her hatred of Rinna’s performance but newsflash ladies: It ain’t happening.

While Teddi and Kyle continue to bait Erika into admitting she’s not enjoying her time with the ladies Erika finally has enough and storms off from the dinner table. A drunk Kyle runs after a sober Erika (which you know is going to end well) and once again tried to force Erika to be offended about Farrahween. Between drunk Kyle and Erika’s conversation and then drunk Rinna and drunk Teddi’s conversation nothing is making sense – should I even be recapping this? Everyone has had so much to drink that none of these arguments are worth anyone’s time to be honest. Teddi’s cocktails have turned into truth serum and Teddi admits that she feels Erika is fake and is basically begging for her approval. It’s a lot at once and I’ll just sum it up by saying – drunk Teddi is all over the place with her feelings and it’s a lot to take.

Drunk Teddi stumbles up to her room (literally) then breaks down as she feels everyone hates her. Teddi is coming across as a drunk sorority girl that just got dumped by her boyfriend and needs reassurance from her friends that she is still great. Somehow Teddi finds herself wandering to the kitchen and has to be pulled away from Kyle before she binges on chips and is forced into bed. All in all it’s a pretty interesting episode and I am already cringing at the thought of how Teddi is feeling the next day.

Thoughts on this episode?

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