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Luann De Lesseps Reacts To Showdown With Bethenny Frankel On The RHONY: “I Think Bethenny’s Got A Lot Of Anger” Plus, Lu Insinuates B Might’ve Cheated On Her Late Boyfriend!

The last episode of The Real Housewives of New York was very intense and dramatic. Bethenny Frankel and Luann de Lesseps got into it during the RHONY cast trip to Miami. Luann feels like Bethenny has “got a lot of anger” and that it’s about more than just her. Bethenny had an emotional outburst during the episode. B didn’t mince words and let Lu know exactly how she felt about her. At the time, Bethenny was newly in mourning after the death of her late fiancé, Dennis Shields. Therefore; Bethenny was very emotional and was going through a hard time.

During the episode, Bethenny told Luann, “You’re intolerable.” Bethenny also listed everything that she did for her co-star and friend during an intervention. Bethenny also confronted the way she feels about Luann’s cabaret and attitude. Not only is it how Bethenny feels about it, but how their co-stars feel, too.

Luann addressed this all during Bravo’s After Show. Luann explained, “I think Bethenny’s got a lot of issues and a lot of anger and a lot of stuff going on in there. It’s not just about me.” Luann felt attacked and said it was “Lu against the motley crew” and that she was “dealing with a bunch of gangsters.”

Luann said, “I think for Bethenny to say that I dine out on my sobriety, that I use it as a crutch is really lame and one of the most hurtful things I’ve ever heard in my life. What does Bethenny know about sobriety? I think her breakdown had a lot do with Dennis, with her own anger and her own issues, and her dating and her guilt. There were a lot of things bottled up in that explosion.”

During the After Show Luann also insinuated that Bethenny may have cheated. Bethenny’s currently in a relationship with boyfriend, Paul Bernon. Bethenny’s been dating the real estate developer since last Fall. Bethenny made their relationship official on social media back in December. Her late fiancé, Dennis, passed away unexpectedly in August. Luann said, “I’m beginning to think that this relationship that she has been going on with this guy has been going on longer than we all think. I don’t know Bethenny’s new boyfriend. I’ve never heard about him.” On the show Luann had asked Bethenny, “Did I hear you have a boyfriend?”

Watch everything Luann had to say in the video below:

This trip to Miami was crazy! I feel bad for Bethenny and Luann, honestly. It was tough to watch. However; I think that they will repair their friendship with time. They’ve done it in the past, and they will do it again. I’m looking forward to seeing the resolution at the RHONY reunion!

Thoughts on Bethenny’s outburst on Luann in Miami? Thoughts on what Luann had to say? Do you think Bethenny cheated? Do you think they will repair their friendship? What do you want to see discussed at the reunion? Sound off below!

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