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Captain Sandy Responds to Homophobic Comments made by Chef Mila on Below Deck!

With June being Pride month it’s unfortunate that Bravo has had a few scandals regarding comments made about the LGBT community. Recently Jax and Brittany came under fire for the Pastor they chose to officiate their wedding (later replacing him) and now it’s Below Deck that has fans up in arms!

Despite Chef Mila’s terrible cooking on this season’s charter the real drama is what she has said behind the scenes. Fans of the hit Bravo show are used to seeing chef’s churn out amazing meals on the luxury yacht; however so far Chef Mila has served steak she licked then later warmed up in the microwave and wanted to bring guests a plate of nachos that were similar to what I prepared for myself while in college. Despite the bad cooking, it’s the bad comments she has made that are the real issue.

En route to a night out, the Serbian-born chef was labeled a “classic Russian homophobe” by Travis after she criticized his nose ring and asked if Jack Stirrup, was gay.

Chef Mila didn’t seem too bothered about the Russian homophobe label as she replied “Yes we are” and added “I don’t want to see a man kissing a man in front of me. In your home, you guys can do whatever you want.” She didn’t stop there as she then commented “I don’t want my son to be growing up and seeing two men kissing each other and thinking this is normal, because this is not f––king normal.”

Captain Sandy is a proud lesbian; however did not see the comments until they aired on TV. Similar to any sticky situation she remained calm cool and collected tweeting:

“While we may not all agree [with] her, I’ll look at it as an opportunity to learn. It [may] be painful [to] hear her words, but maybe we can enlighten a few and make some changes.”

Props to Sandy for taking the high road!

What are your thoughts on Chef Mila so far?

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