RHONY: Sonja Morgan & Dorinda Medley Talk The Reunion, Luann De Lesseps’ Probation, Drunken Miami Nights, Plus Bethenny Frankel’s Outburst!

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The Real Housewives of New York City are really bringing it this season! Dorinda Medley and Sonja Morgan recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. They dished on the RHONY reunion, drunken nights in Miami, Luann de Lesseps’ probation, and Bethenny Frankel’s emotional outburst on the show. Let’s dive in!

For starters, the RHONY reunion sounds like it’s going to be epic. Did Ramona Singer ever apologize to Dorinda when she was caught on camera lying about the seating arrangements at the table? Plus, for pushing Dorinda when she called her out on it? “We discussed it a lot at the reunion,” Andy said. It turns out Dorinda did get an apology, but it was in typical Ramona fashion. Dorinda said, “Yes I did, but it’s not about the apology with Ramona, it’s about is she going to do it again? And what’s she going to do next?”

Sonja laughed and said, “Wait ’till you see her excuse at the reunion, you’re gonna love it. Amazing!”

Meanwhile; Bethenny has been going through a lot, both on-and-off camera. She had an emotional outburst on the show – but it’s clear it was much deeper than just being about Luann. What was their reaction to everything Bethenny had to say?

Dorinda said, “Well, it was overwhelming. But at the same time, as I told everyone, she said what we were all feeling – the whole time. We were all literally, kind of gingerly going around her, and then she finally said what we were feeling the whole time.” Not only that, it was about Bethenny grieving and mourning. Dorinda explained, “Oh, I think it was a lot more than Luann. Listen, Bethenny’s been going through so much and she’s been dealing with so much death. She started filming three weeks after he died. And all Lu could do was talk about herself, the whole time. And I don’t think Bethenny ever realized how much she was suffering.”

Sonja added that Bethenny was worried about them all and was being selfless. Sonja explained, “Bethenny was worried about us. She was worried about me, she was worried about Barbara fitting in, she was worried about us all eating and worried about Luann.”

Dorinda added, “this was enough is enough” and “the straw that broke the camels back.”

As for Luann’s recent probation troubles, Dorinda and Sonja weighed in with their support. Dorinda and Sonja agreed “it was a tough one.” Dorinda shared, “We all want nothing but more than recovery for her, but it’s difficult because she’s constantly watching for any of us to make any mistake at all – and pointing them out. So I think it’s a lesson in just, tend to your own garden.” Sonja agreed with that all and said, “Yeah that’s true.”

Sonja going to AA with Luann brought up many emotions on the show. Luann felt that Sonja wanted attention and Sonja has now responded. Sonja said, “Listen, in the car I just wanted to talk to her about my feelings, and she didn’t want to have anything to do with it in the car. I didn’t want to ruin her moment and building to recover. But when I got with the group, they were very much there for me. And she wasn’t, she went down to the beach. So I felt she wasn’t there for me, personally.”

On the recent cast trip to Miami – the ladies got a little crazy! Sonja weighed in on her drunken night in Miami and said, “I mean I am a cheap date, after five rum welcome drinks – which I never drink rum, I was wasted. I took it too far and I did feel bad. I said to Ramona first thing in the morning, ‘I’m sorry if I worried you at all.'”

What was it that made Sonja breakdown about at the pool? Sonja shared, “Well, we saw some rough situations, that seemed to me that were just unsolvable. And I couldn’t take them back to the townhouse and give them a job. It’s like you can’t help these people. I tried, and LuAnn seems to just roll off of her and she can get up on stage like she says – and make them laugh.”

“She likes to people make people laugh, and they feel better while they’re at the meeting,” Sonja shared. The whole situation made Sonja feel very emotional. She explained, “But you leave them there and they’re going back to sleep on the beach, and maybe, you know, shoot drugs. It’s rough.”

Dorinda and Sonja also weighed in on Tinsley wanting to have a baby, as well as Ramona’s flirting game as a single woman.

Watch them discuss it all in the clip below:

I’m looking forward to the RHONY reunion! This was a great episode of WWHL. I’m enjoying this season. The ladies in New York City never disappoint, and they always entertain.

Thoughts on everything Dorinda and Sonja had to say? Thoughts on the upcoming RHONY reunion? Thoughts on Luann’s probation situation? Thoughts on Sonja’s drunken night in Miami and her meltdown by the pool? Thoughts on Bethenny’s emotional outburst? Sound off below!

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