RHOBH Recap: Pardon our French

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Bonjour Beverly Hills fans! We have departed from the hills of Beverly and have arrived at the quiet french countryside in Provence. When I say quiet I mean before the housewives arrive as you know they are going to terrorize the poor French.

Provence looks like it is straight out of a Disney storybook and I’m just waiting for Belle to come out and sing about her desire to have an ‘adventure in the great wide somewhere.’ Unfortunately since it’s Real Housewives it’s far from a fairy tale as we are down a few housewives. Obviously LVP is MIA; however Denise and Camille had to stay back as they were tragically affected by the Malibu wildfires.

The ladies arrive at the Chateau and it’s beyond breathtaking – so far this trip takes the cake out of all the housewives trips. The Chateau looks like it is a country home for European royalty and I’m just waiting for Kate Middleton to make a surprise appearance. I mean even Erika Jayne is impressed so that’s saying something!

As the ladies are in a Chateau, there is no room for glam squads however I’m impressed on how the ladies clean up and look fab doing their own hair and makeup. Best look of the night goes to Dorit in her sophisticated green smoking jacket/silk pajama set which seemed to fit the Chateau vibe perfectly. Before dinner, the ladies call Camille and Denise who are fortunately safe; however obviously still concerned as they have no update on how their homes are doing.

Dinner is served (and unfortunately it’s not an enchanted castle so there is no ‘Be Our Guest’ performed) and instead we get Rinna’s art of dinner conversation by bringing up the bunny and the Erika Jayne costume. Is this the best thing we have to talk about? Before they dig in, Kyle proposes a sweet speech to all of the women and the ladies seem to have a brief bonding moment and I can’t tell if it’s the beauty of France or the strong drinks flowing that brings the women together.

The happiness is briefly lived as the ladies wake up at 5 AM to a video of Camille’s Malibu mansion burning down. It’s traumatic for all of the ladies and of course there is some guilt felt as they are enjoying a beautiful French mansion while their friends are losing their homes. Denise and her family post a photo in full gas masks and had to go back to their home to save their animals. The Malibu fires were truly devastating and my heart goes out to everyone affected by them.

The next morning a hungover Erika and the rest of the ladies discuss the travesty of the fires as even on of Teddi’s coaches was affected by it. The ladies feel helpless as there is nothing they can do, so decide to live in the moment and visit a quaint French market. While Kyle stresses out over choosing a hat, Erika and Rinna try out the cheese stand (my kind of peeps.) The ladies sit down for lunch and Rinna shares that her daughter Amelia will be studying nutrition and psychology at school as she wants to help other struggling from eating disorders. The story inspires Kyle to open up about her own past struggle as she reveals she had an eating disorder when she was younger. Kyle reveals that at her worst, she weighed 99 lbs. and had V8 juice for meals. I feel it’s very common for women (especially growing up in an area such as L.A.) to struggle with food at some point in their lives so props to Amelia and Kyle for opening up about it.

After bonding over the lunch, the ladies explore the city where Dorit gives up the quote of all quotes by saying that walking around the Plaza makes her feel like she is in Europe. Perhaps that is because you are in Europe Dorit? The scenery is stunning and so far the trip seems to be going well (according to Erika it’s because LVP isn’t on the trip – talk about a jab!) Perhaps I’m in the minority but I enjoy seeing the cast get along and don’t need below the belt feuds to keep me interested. Of course there has to be some drama and that usually comes at dinner time after the ladies have had a few drinks. So what do we have in store for us this evening?

Well we start out with the ladies bringing their chicest, most fierce style to dinner and get a montage of how Teddi’s fashion sense has evolved from her romper and ponytail look from last season to high fashion this season. We also get a passive aggressive dig from Rinna who mentions that all the ladies love to dress fabulously minus Denise – ouch! The fashion forward ladies head out to dinner and once again Rinna’s Erika Jayne impression comes up in topic of conversation. Rinna blames her method acting on her poor manners towards Kim Richards; however Kyle isn’t buying it for a hot minute. I find it odd that the ladies keep talking about ‘Erika Jayne’ like it’s a fictional character vs. an actual person at the table. Oddly enough, it’s Teddi that seems to have the biggest problem with Rinna’s performance and says she would be offended if Rinna impersonated her and treated Kim like that. Rinna responds with how you would expect her to respond by telling Teddi she doesn’t care if she likes her or not. Teddi’s feelings are clearly hurt and I’m getting flashbacks to Teddi fleeing in tears from last season. Personally, I think Dorit hits the nail on the head in her talking head by saying that it seems that Teddi and Kyle are trying to bait Erika into saying something about Rinna’s impersonation.

Next week it looks like the feuds in France are heating up so be sure to return to AllAboutTRH to discuss!

Thoughts on this episode? What did you think of the dinner feud?

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