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Ashley Darby Speaks out On Michael’s Sexual Harassment Allegations: “This Was a Traumatic Time for Our Relationship”

Things are about to get real in Potomac!

The biggest scandal to rock the DC suburb is a certain house husband liking big butts and we cannot lie. In all seriousness, the allegations made against Michael were damaging and now Ashley Darby is speaking out and explaining why she is sticking by her man.

Speaking out to Bravo Ashley discusses how difficult it was to have Michael’s sexual assault charges play out in front of the camera; however insists as they were eventually dropped Ashley is hoping that she and Michael can move past it saying:

“Those allegations that came were completely dismissed and all of the people who were there and were witnesses can attest that it didn’t happen. This was an allegation that was proven to not be true, yet was treated with the same potency as what is true, and that’s really frustrating for me.”

Ashley added that she has faith in her man and doesn’t doubt his innocence for one minute (even if the other ladies do):

“I made a commitment to Michael when we got married that I would stand with him, in sickness and in health and all those vows that I can’t remember, but I made that commitment. If I had a question of Michael’s character or if I had any doubts or apprehensions about who he is, for certain, I would have approached this situation very differently, and I would have been transparent with everybody about the fact that I was questioning him, his intentions, and the truth. But because I have no doubts, there’s absolutely nothing in my mind — especially because I was there when this alleged incident happened, literally standing right there — I feel just so confident in my husband. I believe him 100 percent.”

Adding salt to the wound is the fact that Ashley had been an avid #MeToo supporter as she is the survivor of sexual abuse; making her husband’s accusations even more horrendous:

“It hurt Michael, because we also do take the #MeToo movement very seriously. I’ve been an advocate for sexual abuse victims. I am a sexual abuse survivor, so I would never, by any means, take that lightly, nor would I be dismissive of someone who did claim that and it was true.”

Like many other reality stars who have been rocked by scandal, Ashley insists that the traumatic event only made them stronger as a couple, insisting:

“Even though this was a traumatic time for our relationship, and it did rattle us a little bit, we did come back stronger together,” she shared. “Now, had this happened before when Michael and I didn’t have the best foundation, I can’t exactly say how it would have played out, but we are so strong together, I know him, we’ve been through so much, and I feel just, I feel confident in the fact that this is the man that I love, I’m spending my life with, I want to father my children, and I know he’s a fair and honest person. He always has been.”

I’ve always like Ashley but I admit I’ve always got a weird vibe from Michael. I’ll hold all judgement until we see the entire thing play out; however Ashley has made it crystal clear that her mind is made up and that she is standing by her man!

Thoughts on the allegations made against Michael? Are you shocked Ashley has stayed so loyal to him?

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