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Lisa Rinna Says Brandi Glanville Was Right About Lisa Vanderpump; Admits the “Wrath of Vanderpump” is Real!

Lisa Rinna is making some bold claims in the latest Real Housewives of Beverly Hills After Show!

On this week’s After Show, Rinna claimed that Brandi Glanville was right about Lisa Vanderpump all along. Rinna also admitted that the “wrath of Vanderpump” is real!

And it turns out Rinna felt so bad about not believing Brandi in the past that she called her to apologize!

It’s no secret that Brandi and LVP had a falling out many seasons ago. Since then Brandi has insisted that LVP strategically tried to take her down. Even just this week Brandi claimed that LVP tried to her ruin her life and listed out the various ways LVP went about it.

However, no one, including her former RHOBH co-stars, really believed Brandi – until now.

“After going through and watching what’s gone on this season I picked up the phone one day and I just called Brandi Glanville,” Rinna reveals. “I said I gotta tell ya, you were right. We didn’t support you. I was shitty to you, you were shitty to me. We were shitty to each other but you had no one to support you. You were like a long ranger out there on your own.”

While Rinna doesn’t think LVP ruined Brandi’s life she does believe she “damaged” it.

“I don’t want to put it out there that she’s ruined Brandi’s life because I think Brandi’s a survivor and she’s worked a lot but think she’s severely damaged it,” Rinna says of LVP.

Adding, that she believes Brandi got the short end of the stick on RHOBH.

“I do and I think I didn’t want to have anything to do with Brandi. I was totally against her until this moment when I really fucking saw it. The lightbulb went off and I did call her and say ‘You know what? You got a raw fucking deal. You really did.'”

As for Brandi, she admits she was shocked by Rinna’s phone call.

“I was like ‘what the f%$# is Lisa calling me for?'” Brandi says. “We were on the phone for at least half an hour and she was just like ‘I know now everything that you went through and I feel horrible for not having your back.’ She was just so kind and amazing – it just felt good that someone got it finally.”

“I don’t think many people understand the hell I’ve been put through by her since I left the show,” Brandi says of Vanderpump. “She takes payback to another level.”

The camera then goes back to Rinna who adds, “I think Camille said it best ‘the wrath of Vanderpump.’ And nobody wants it and now I completely understand it. You know I’ve never had death threats before, I’ve never had people saying the thing they’ve said this season because what I had an opinion?”

“It’s horrific,” Denise Richards, who’s sitting next Rinna chimes in.

“I didn’t even call her a name,” Rinna continues. “I was not even nasty. And I can kinda see why people go ‘Yeah, I’m not touching that.’ Fuck no.”

“This is the first time the entire group of us has gone ‘We see your bullshit and we are not taking it anymore.’ It’s very easy to for her [Vanderpump] to say ‘Oh you guys are so mean. You’re bullies, you’re this, you’re that.’ No, we just called you out and we see and we are not taking it anymore.”

Brandi then pops up again and backs Rinna up. “I think Rinna is telling the truth we’ve all wanted to tell and we’ve held it in for so long and no one’s saying it. And when she says it she’s powerful and it’s just the truth and it’s joyful and gleeful. When I hear her say it I dance.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

Thoughts on Rinna and Brandi’s comments? Is the ‘wrath of Vanderpump’ real? Is LVP to blame for the hate her fans have been sending her RHOBH co-stars? Sound off below!

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