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RHONY Recap: Caught Between an Ex and a Hard Place

We’ve almost made it through the week New York fans but can the ladies of New York survive a drunk Sonja and egotistical Luann? Let’s find out!

We’re still in Miami and Sonja is taking drunk to a whole new level and is turning a quiet dinner into debauchery. After falling off of a chair completely drunk, Sonja has a creepy smile of her face and I agree with Barbara: Let’s bring in the medics as there seems to be a few cogs missing upstairs with Sonja. Bethenny is worried about sloppy Sonja and asks her a few common questions (such as who is the president) and apparently Sonja is still in her prime in her mind as she still thinks Bill Clinton is president. Ramona and Tinsley are trying to get out of this hot mess as quickly as they ca; however perhaps they should have stayed as a single Tinsley could have mingled with some of the hot first respondents.

Instead, Tinsley decides to whine in a bar about her single status and girl needs to get over it! She and Scott have  on and off for years and Scott has shown zero signs of commitment while Tinsley has gone wedding dress shopping and wept over her eggs. It’s crystal clear that the two weren’t on the same page so it’s time to move on. Ramona gives some sage advice and tells Tinsley to “get a hobby” and not put everything in one basket. Tinsley doesn’t have a lot going on in her life and since she put all her eggs in Scott’s basket (no sexual innuendo intended) she’s turned a bit obsessive.

The morning after Sonja is nonchalant about her embarrassing night before which I find a bit concerning (as she shrugs it off as no big deal.) Everyone is more concerned with Luann being obsessed with her Cabaret act but I think everyone should be a little more concerned with Sonja’s drinking at this point. Luann is fed up with the girls getting wasted and talking about her and vents to Ramona that the other ladies would prefer to see her fail. I think Lu is a bit delusional as I think they want to support her but simply cannot stomach one more cabaret act. In the words of Bethenny Frankel: “It’s okay not to like cabaret.”

Lu then continues with her ‘holier than thou’ act by telling Sonja her falling is unacceptable (which it is) but this is coming from the Countess who fell in a bush and ran from a cop threatening to kill them. Lu then invites Sonja to an AA meeting which Sonja isn’t feeling as she is in vacation mode and despite nearly ending up in the hospital still wants to get her drink on. Moderation is key Sonja-rita!

Perhaps Sonja will behave this evening as a VIP guest is attending as Ramona reveals that her ex hubby Mario will be stopping by. It’s obvious that Ramona still loves her ex husband and am I the only one that secretly hopes the two get back together? I know Mario behaved like a dog but I feel has shown remorse and his pathetic mid-life crisis seems to be over. Fortunately Ramona isn’t focusing too much on Mario as the ladies head out for a day trip to look at the local arts. The ladies head out to meet a very generous artist who is giving away expensive pieces of art; however Bethenny buys her as she jumps the gun and buys a piece before realizing he is giving out gifts. Bethenny seems to give a little passive aggressive comment when Tins gets a $5K purse as she states that ‘she has a daughter which is her gift and Tinsley doesn’t have one.’ Everyone know how sensitive Tinsley is being single with no kids so I feel that comment was a bit unnecessary.

The ladies are ready for their Miami nights party with no one more excited than Ramona who has not one but two men coming over including Mario. Mario is one of the first to arrive and the chemistry between Ramona and her ex is off the charts and I’m thinking Ramona is just using her date to make Mario jealous. Do what you gotta do Ms. Singer! Despite the house being full of bachelor’s Tinsley is most excited to see her sister Dabney who Ramona comments has the same lashes (natural I’m sure.) No matter how old you get a sister is still a sister and the two return to their tween years by spying on their older sister Ramona on her date. Unfortunately Tinsley can’t stay in the moment as she cries to Dabney about Scott; however Dabney is our girl and tells her sister what we are all thinking: He didn’t appreciate you – get over it!

Luckily Bethenny is to the rescue and tries to help a girl out by introducing Tinsley to a potential bachelor. Unfortunately for Tinsley she has been out of the game for so long that apparently she forgets how to talk to a man. It’s pretty cringe worthy and I think we need to send Tinsley to a weekend getaway to get her groove back. Meanwhile, Ramona is still playing games with her current date and ex husband and while it started out fun it turns a bit awkward, especially when Sonja comes over to do what she does best: Stir the pot.

Next week things are heating up and I’m not talking about the Miami temperatures – stay tuned!

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