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RHOBH Recap: A Double Shot of Brandi

Well as of yesterday we are one real housewife down and now are battling wild fires. Perhaps everything in Beverly Hills isn’t all diamonds and rose?

We kick this episode off with Erika and Rinna meeting for lunch and acting like new besties (because let’s face it – no one loves Erika Jayne more than Erika Jayne so she will love anyone that pays homage to her!) The topic turns to Camille as the ladies are fed up with Camille talking behind everyone’s back and tend to confront her to her face about it. I admit that Camille hasn’t put her best foot face forward this season but haven’t we already had enough five against one with LVP this season?

Over at Chateau Umansky, Kyle and her her dogs are working out the finishing touches to their upcoming Provence girls trip. I love that the housewives are going to Provence as it’s so different than anything we’ve ever seen in this series – tres chic!  In addition to wine tasting the ladies will be sharing an ultra luxurious Provence mansion where you know some drama will go down (it’s a housewives trip after all) however hopefully the ladies have time to take in the lavender, wine and all of the beauty that Provence has to offer.

Meanwhile Rinna and her girls are grilling out (which you know includes Harry’s meat) as he is the only one that cooks in that house. Rinna’s daughters are both obviously beautiful but I’m getting a serious ‘Beverly Hills’ teen vibe from them as they come off as completely disrespectful. Amelia flips off her father behind his back and talks to him in a way I couldn’t imagine talking to my parents. I understand Amelia is going through a very difficult time right now but I don’t know many kids that would get away talking to their father like that. Harry blames Lisa for Amelia’s outburst as Lisa is known to drop more than a few F bombs in the Hamlin house.

Teddi, Rinna and Kyle meet to discuss Camille the upcoming Provence trip and the most shocking thing out of this conversation is the fact that Erika isn’t bringing her glam squad. I think this will be the first trip that Erika Girardi attends and not Erika Jayne. The ladies quickly take advantage of Camille not being at this luncheon as they have a field day swapping stories on what Camille has said behind the other ladies’ backs, and while I like Camille, I tend to agree with Kyle: When someone likes to gossip you have to wonder what they are saying about you.

Over at Camille’s, there is no love lost as Camille isn’t happy with the ladies, specifically Teddi, who allegedly snubbed her daughter Mason at the airport. Camille also doesn’t understand why she is in hot water for defending LVP and is starting to feel that she is the new ‘Vanderpump’ as the other ladies seem to be forming an alliance excluding Camille.

Now that LVP isn’t filming it’s time for a blast from the past as the one and only Brandi Glanville is making her big comeback! Apparently she and Denise have a mutual friend and the two hit it off, specifically bonding over their messy public divorces. Another thing they bond over? Distrust of LVP as Brandi warns Denise to stay far away from her. Brandi warns that LVP has a love of ‘pretty little things’ however will discard of them when she tires of them and will punish anyone who crosses her. Brandi is still Brandi as she loves her booze, will defend Kim Richards till the end and still rocks her signature looks. However, I do have to ask: Brandi seems to be talking different in her talking head – did anyone else notice that?

Back in Malibu, disaster is upon us as a wild fire has taken over and of course both Denise and Camille live there. My heart goes out to all of those affected by the Malibu fires as losing a home and all of your family memories is horrific even if you have the money to rebuild. Naturally this puts a kink in the ladies confronting Camille as no one wants to kick someone while they are down and I would say having your house burnt down is a pretty low point. All of this is happening while the ladies are supposed to be leaving for Provence, but poor Camille is literally fleeting Malibu for her life. Her home footage is terrifying as I’m honestly shocked at how calm she comes off as I would be losing my sh*t.

Next week we see the aftermath of the fire and meet in Provence. Will you be watching?

Thoughts on this episode? Let’s discuss!

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