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James Kennedy & Lala Kent Are Feuding Again After Brief Reconciliation

That was fast!

James Kennedy and Lala Kent’s recent reconciliation only lasted mere days!

The two shocked Vanderpump Rules fans when they posted a photo together on Instagram; revealing that they were in the studio together working on new music.

“We made a dope record in the studio today, glad to have my friend back. Get ready for some pure fire,” James captioned a photo of him and Lala in the studio.

However, their reconciliation went down the drain when James mocked Lala’s fiancé Randall Emmett in a now-deleted Instagram post. The Good Tea Time was able to grab a screenshot of the post before James deleted it!

“I WANT MY MONEY BY MONDAY,” James captioned a photo of him with an unknown male holding a Yeezy sneaker.

It’s no secret that Lala and James’ friendship initially fizzled after James made multiple mean comments about Lala’s man.

Lala and James both unfollowed each other on Instagram and deleted all photos of them together.

Meanwhile, Hollywood Life reports that the Vanderpump Rules cast was shocked over James and Lala’s reconciliation.

“Friends and cast members alike were surprised and happy to hear that Lala and James patched things up,” an insider explained.

“James invited Lala to work on music with him and she happily obliged, however, she was quickly offended when James took a dig, whether it was in good fun or not, at Randall,” the insider added. “That’s just crossing the line for her and she’s very protective.”

Turns out Lala is now done with James forever.

“When James and Lala made up, James told everyone it was his doing. Everyone is completely thrown off at how quickly that make-up lasted,” the insider continued. “Lala is likely done forever with their friendship ever again.”

Another source revealed that co-star Katie Maloney isn’t surprised that James messed up his friendship with Lala again.

“Katie isn’t surprised whatsoever that it didn’t take James long to burn Lala again. Katie loves Lala but she couldn’t understand why she would try and make amends after everything he’s done to her and the rest of the group,” the source explained.

The source continued, “Katie truly believes James is just a clout chaser and is doing anything he can to work his way into being friends with anyone just to stay on the show. Katie isn’t convinced that James really wants to work at SUR, she thinks he’s doing it to stay in Lisa’s good graces and to keep a storyline going. She feels bad for Lala that she got hurt again by James and hopes this was the final straw for their friendship.”

Thoughts on Lala and James’ latest drama? Are you surprised their reconciliation was so short-lived? Sound off below!

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