So Who Exactly Wrote the Lie Detector Questions? LVP Finally Reveals the Details!

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Despite LVP no longer being on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills she is still making quite the story line for herself. After a very dramatic lie detector test, the ladies couldn’t help but wonder how valid the results were and seemed to laugh it off vs. take it seriously.

Knowing that the test was a topic for discussion, LVP spoke with to defend the validity of the test. To no one’s surprise, John Sessa wrote the test questions which isn’t a shock as many believe he was actually the one behind the ROL leak. Perhaps the results would have been different if Sessa took the test with the same questions? LVP seemed to hint that she thought taking the test was as ridiculous as the other ladies as she states:

“Well, I think you actually have to formulate the question because the guy doing the test doesn’t watch Real Housewives or didn’t know what the hell we were talking about,” Lisa said. “And he probably thought when he normally works for the FBI and the police force that it was gonna be something a little bit [more] interesting than, ‘Did you give a story to Radar Online?'”

As silly as the test was, LVP is set that the test proves her innocence as she added:

“I don’t think anybody would volunteer for a lie detector test if they were one iota guilty, so I was happy to say yes, you know? It seemed kind of intriguing.” Lisa added that she felt “absolutely secure with my innocence”

Unfortunately for LVP, the rest of the cast seems to think the test proved nothing and accused her of being dramatic vs. just discussing the problem with the ladies head on. I’m conflicted as if I had “friends” that doubted my innocence I probably wouldn’t want to socialize with them either. On the other hand, I’m one of the people who doesn’t believe LVP leaked the story but I think she may have an idea who did (ahem – someone from Vanderpump dogs) however, as we don’t have any proof that’s just a theory. At the end of the day, if this test doesn’t convince the ladies that LVP is innocent, what will at this point? Will there be a smoking gun at the reunion??

What were your thoughts on the lie detector test? Does it prove LVP is innocent or are the results a joke?

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