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She Said What? Kelly Bensimon Claims Bethenny Frankel ‘Didn’t Care’ If She Miscarried During Pregnancy!

Have we returned to Scary Island?

In a shocking interview, former RHONY Kelly Bensimon claims that her former co-star Bethenny Frankel neglected to put her pregnancy as her first priority and even claims that Bethenny said she didn’t care if she miscarried. Excuse me?

According to Radar Online, Bensimon recently did an interview with Out in the Wild and didn’t hold back on her thoughts about Bethenny during their time on the show together:

“She was pregnant this entire time and was having serious issues with her unborn child [Bryn] and she’s flying back and forth pretending to film with her dying father in L.A., but really just filming in the car and never saw him,” says Bensimon. “And I’m like ‘You want me to film with a woman that doesn’t even care about her kid in her stomach?’ She’s like, ‘Oh, if I have a miscarriage whatever.’”

Bethenny was thrilled to find out she was pregnant and her daughter Bryn is her life so I am thinking Kelly’s memory may be foggy. I have no doubt that Bethenny may have pushed herself during her pregnancy (as any working woman can relate to) however outright saying what Kelly accused her of? I’m not buying it.

Bensimon continued to say that Bethenny “was having serious, serious, serious complications and I just didn’t understand why we were there filming and why she was even there in St. John,” she claims.

Oddly enough, Kelly also claims that she has something to do with the Skinnygirl brand success and if she ever made up with Bethenny, the brand would tank:

“Hypothetically, If I went back on Housewives, and there was a moment where she was like, ‘Wow. I really like Kelly. Kelly Bensimon is hot s**t’… her entire brand would go to s**t. Because her fans would be like, ‘Wait what? We’ve been spending 10 years hating Kelly Bensimon and now you like her? What?!’” she says. “It’s different from her makeup with Jill Zarin because I am the ultimate nemesis.”

Kelly’s interview doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense and I’m honestly confused as to why she’s still talking about RHONY. I would have rather heard her talking about what she has going on in her life right now and if we wanted to talk housewives, maybe just give her two cents on the current season. I have to say her comments come off as thirsty and someone who is looking for attention (which seemed to have worked.) However, I don’t think this interview is going to give her the kind of attention that will win over fans.

Thoughts on the comments? Did they go too far or is this Kelly just being Kelly?

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