Lisa Rinna’s Claim About RHOBH Launching A New Spinoff For Lisa Vanderpump Is Disputed!

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Lisa Rinna claims that this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is launching a new spinoff for Lisa Vanderpump. Lisa R has stated that she believes the Puppy Gate situation on the RHOBH was used to set-up another spinoff for LVP that would revolve around Vanderpump Dogs. Whether or not there will be another spinoff, has been a big topic of discussion. According to LALATE, Rinna’s claims are not supported by LVP’s own trademark filings. Apparently LVP “has abandoned claims for more Vanderpump reality TV shows and even for Vanderpump Pets trademark protection.” Lisa R believes that LVP is plotting an RHOBH spinoff about Vanderpump Pets, but the trademark applications by LVP dispute that.

According to LALATE, “personalities or production companies do file a trademark if they wish to protect a name for a future TV project.” For example, there was an ‘I Dream of NeNe’ trademark filed and then obtained to protect NeNe’s spinoff. Back in 2012, LVP had filed for a trademark application for protection of the word ‘Vanderpump’ in future reality TV shows. This was to protect her name for “reality-based television program, entertainment services, live, televised and movie appearances by a professional entertainer, production and distribution of ongoing television programs in the field of family relationships, fashion, cooking, social entertaining, motion picture film production.”

This was an “intent to use” application. According to the source, “Under an intent to use, the application must submit proof of use of the product in the class applied for thereafter” and LVP didn’t. She abandoned her trademark application for a ‘Vanderpump’ reality show after Vanderpump Rules. LVP could have received an extension if she was still thinking of doing another spinoff, but she didn’t. Apparently, Vanderpump Pets disputes Rinna’s claims.

In May of 2015, LVP applied for trademark protection for the logo. According to sources, “The mark consists of a cartoon representation of Lisa Vanderpumps dog Giggy. It is a Pomeranian breed with a flash collar, vest with a blousy shirt beneath it. The dog is standing over the words Vanderpump Pets. The stippling is for shading purposes only.” If Vanderpump Pets was going to be a spinoff, then LVP would have extended her Pets trademark application as well. Lisa V didn’t, and in fact, LVP has abandoned her trademark application for Vanderpump Pets as well.

Lisa R had posted to her social media that she wanted to be compensated if Bravo was using the RHOBH to launch another spinoff for LVP. She wrote, “I support these women 100 percent. But if you are going to use our services without telling us – that we are playing out a storyline to launch a pilot for a new show and you don’t compensate us extra for that. Yeah, I’m a hustler I get paid for what I do. So if this indeed becomes another show my lawyer will be calling.”

There could be another spinoff down the road, or it could be in the works right now. However; Lisa R’s claim that Lisa V has been plotting for a Vanderpump Pets spinoff is unlikely with LVP’s abandonment of trademark applications.

I’m looking forward to the RHOBH reunion so all of the ladies can discuss everything that’s been happening this season. I hope all of the women attend, but that is up in the air right now, too. Based on these documents it doesn’t seem like LVP is planning another spinoff series. We’ll have to stay tuned, loves!

Thoughts on this all? Do you think LVP is getting another spinoff? Will a Vanderpump Dogs show happen down the road? Sound off below!

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