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LuAnn de Lesseps Comments on Sonja Morgan’s Drinking Plus – Does She Think Pills Are Also in the Mix?

It’s no secret that the ladies of the Big Apple like a big martini but did Wednesday’s night episode take things too far?

We all recall the epic drunk dinner where Sonja was three ten sheets to the wind which ended in a non-coherent argument that made absolutely no sense. The culprits were a drunk Sonja, a drunk Dorinda, a horny Ramona and a sober and judgmental Luann.  Many fans (this one included) were shocked at just how drunk Sonja got and a certain housewife is now giving her two cents. In the after show segment, Lu weighed in on a very sloppy Sonja saying:

“When I referred to Sonja taking drugs, I’m talking about popping a Xanax once in a while. It’s quite possible Sonja could be on something. The whole world’s on something, right?”

Regarding her behavior in Miami, Lu states:

“It’s hard enough for me to stay sober, and then to have to witness this being sober is just very hard. I’ve been around a lot of drunk Sonja in the past, and it’s not easy because you have to put her to bed, you have to take care of her. It’s not just, ‘Haha let’s have a good time with Sonja!’ There’s a lot of care that goes into this project after.”

Luckily for Sonja, she did have a few defenders as Dorinda warned that Lu should not “throw stones when you live in a glass house” while Tinsley chalked it up to Sonja being Sonja: “Sonja can sometimes act kooky, can sometimes act completely straightforward. I mean, that’s just Sonja. We’ve seen that a million times, so nothing’s new about this.” Tinsley did add that Sonja was an “all-or-nothing girl,” noting that she can party hard just as easily as she can abstain from drinking.
We’ve seen a drunk Sonja more times than I can count but I found Miami to be disturbing. I think Sonja can take her partying to an unhealthy level so perhaps she’d be wise to limit herself to 2-3 drinks max. As for Lu? I’m agreeing with Dorinda that her behavior doesn’t give her a lot of room to talk so let’s pump the breaks on the holier than ‘thou attitude!

What were your thoughts on Sonja’s drunk antics? Was it funny or did things go too far?

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