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Lisa Rinna Reveals What Set Her Off at Kyle Richards’ Halloween Party and Why She Called Kim Richards “C—y”

At Kyle Richards’ EPIC Halloween party for her daughter Farrah’s 30th birthday #Farrahween, Lisa Rinna was shocked to see Kyle’s sister Kim Richards in attendance.

When Kim first arrived at the party Rinna looked dumbfounded and fumbled during an awkward attempt at civility with Kim.

Later in the party, Rinna’s loose lips just couldn’t help themselves.  Rinna, who was in full costume, channeled her inner Erika Jayne and called Kim’s past behavior towards her “C—y” leaving all of the ladies stunned. While Rinna brushed it off as being “in character” Kim and Kyle weren’t exactly buying it.

Over the years, Rinna and Kim have had many issues – almost too many to count. Rinna infamously questioned Kim’s sobriety and insisted she was “near death” while Kim threated to expose Lisa’s husband Harry Hamlin’s secrets which lead to one of the most epic Real Housewives dinner scenes in history. While the two never officially mended fences Rinna attempted to make peace by giving Kim a bunny for her new grandson. However, at the RHOBH reunion that same year, Kim returned the bunny to Rinna and said she never gave it to her grandson because she didn’t feel like it had “good energy” #BunnyGate. Instead, Andy Cohen took the bunny and gave it a home in the WWHL Clubhouse.

So, what exactly set Rinna off at the Halloween party? Well, on the RHOBH Aftershow Rinna revealed what led her to use the word “c—y” when talking to Kim Richards.

“I hadn’t seen Kim really for about two years. I had a run-in with her at a restaurant so I hadn’t seen her since then. I knew sooner or later I’d run into her somewhere but I didn’t quite expect it to be here. And I know I had just been doing my own thing and I knew she was there but I didn’t care but it was once they wanted us to do a group cast photo that’s when my Erika Jayne really kicked in and I was ‘Fuck, no I’m not taking a picture with you.’ So, I stood off to the side. I wouldn’t take a picture with anybody. I posed and I was like saying things. I was really over the top at that point,” Rinna explained. “I can tell you exactly what I said. ‘Kim, when you gave Rinna back that bunny it was really c—y.'”

Co-star Denise Richards then interjected her opinion saying, “To me, it was the ice-breaker. It was let’s laugh about that shitty moment that we both had on camera.”

“It wasn’t just my moment it was her moment too. Like that was a shitty moment for the both of us,” Rinna said in agreement with Denise.

Adding, “It was the f&$king elephant in the room. Nobody was saying anything. Last time we were all together was at the reunion and it didn’t go very well. So, the same energy was going on with all these women because the truth is it was c—y. Like if you think about it….it’s right up there with f$%# you. It was a c—y thing to do.”

Denise also agreed that Kim returning the bunny to Rinna “wasn’t a nice thing to do.”

If you’re wondering if Rinna regrets calling Kim’s actions c—y think again.

“Once I said it I had such a rush of adrenaline. It was such a great f$#%ing feeling I gotta tell ya. I said it and I walked on,” Rinna confessed.

As for the rest of the RHOBH cast, they all had very different reactions to Rinna’s interaction with Kim. See what they had to say in the clip below!

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