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Camille Grammer Slams RHOBH Co-Stars Trash Talking Her Following Her Wedding; Claims the “Puppygate Girl Gang” Punished Her For Being Nice to Lisa Vanderpump

Camille Grammer isn’t holding back!

In her most recent Bravo blog, Camille slams her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars for trash talking her.

To start, Camille says her “so-called” friends couldn’t help but talk bad about her following her wedding.

“Hello, all. It has been a while since I have written a blog. My life has been rather eventful these past few months, so perhaps I have been oblivious to the rapid and dramatic swings of emotion among the ladies. Case in point — I was completely caught by surprise by the comments emanating from the mouths of my so-called girlfriends from Beverly Hills that came to my wedding in Hawaii in their van ride to the airport,” Camille explained at the start of her blog.

Camille says it’s apparent that she can’t say anything nice or supportive about Lisa Vanderpump without “betraying the PuppyGate Girl Gang.” She goes on to explain that she gave PEOPLE an interview a week before her wedding and never thought about giving the ladies a heads up to avoid ending up in “doghouse” yet again.

“Rather than being happy for me, they found a pretext for condemning me just hours after my nuptials. The origin of their derision was a People Magazine article in which I gave the interview a week before my wedding in which I acknowledged Lisa’s words of encouragement to take the leap into marriage,” Camille confessed. “I guess it has come to the point that one cannot say nice things about Lisa without betraying the Puppygate Girl Gang. It appears that any positive words about LVP will put one in the doghouse, if not a kill shelter. This is surprising since some have been trying for weeks to get back in her good graces.”

As for her own issues with LVP, Camille says she doesn’t understand why her feelings towards LVP have to all or nothing. Camille explained, “I see no reason why I can’t be disappointed that Lisa missed my wedding while also having empathy for her for the loss of her brother and her harsh treatment by the women of ‘Puppygate.'”

Meanwhile, Camille claims that the slightest thing will set the “PuppyGate Girl Gang” off and what went down at Kyle’s Halloween party between Kim Richards and Lisa Rinna is a prime example of that.

Camille feels that Rinna’s reaction to Kim being at her niece’s birthday was “downright weird, inappropriate, and way over the top.”

“There are other indications that the least provocation will set some of them off. The appearance of Kim Richards at her niece’s birthday caused Lisa Rinna’s channeling Erika Janeto lambast her,” Camille explained.

Adding, “I am also surprised that Kyle was not appalled and offended by it.”

The RHOBH friend didn’t stop there and moved her aim to Dorit Kemsley, who she says “is still acting like the victim here when the victim was clearly Lucy Lucy Apple Juice.”

Camille then blames Dorit for all of the drama on RHOBH and says that it all could have been avoided IF Dorit had done the right thing from the start.

“I am happy to learn she has subsequently upgraded her environs with a less high maintenance owner.  Atta girl, LLAJ!  For the life of me, I still don’t understand why the puppy wasn’t returned to Vanderpump Dogs in the first place. That would have avoided all of this nonsense,” Camille concluded.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Bravo Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on BRAVO.

Thoughts on Camille’s blog? Is Camille playing both sides of the fence? Can Camille praise LVP and be upset with her at the same time?  Were the ladies wrong for talking about Camille right after her wedding? Is all the drama on RHOBH Dorit’s fault? Was Rinna’s reaction to Kim uncalled for?

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