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RHOBH Recap: Meet Rinna Jayne

Welcome back Beverly Hills fans! I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend with family and friends, and of course honoring the brave men and women who fought for our nation. Despite the temps heating up here, it’s fall over in Beverly Hills so get your best ‘housewives‘ costume ready as we’re going to celebrate with some treats and a whole lot of tricks!

We kick the episode off finishing up Camille’s wedding week in Hawaii which was beautiful; however Rinna apparently spread around her germs (where are her QVC hotel antibacterial wipes when you need them??) Kyle doesn’t have time to get sick as she has pressing issues like a 30th birthday party to plan (#BeverlyHillsProblems.) Despite LVP’s presence lacking, she is still on the ladies minds as the ladies can’t resist making little digs at the post wedding brunch – in LVP’s own words: on to more important things!

By more important things I mean Denise and Aaron and their happy endings. Aaron seems a little lost in this reality TV crowd as he is mortified that Denise spilled the beans on his happy ending. I’m still in shock that Denise was so proud of her husband getting one but Hollywood is a whole different world so whatever works!

Back in Hawaii, the ladies seem to be turning on the bride as Camille gave an interview to People magazine, professing her love for LVP. No one is more irked than Rinna who seems to hate anyone who is friends with Vanderpump. Rinna’s anger spills over to Dorit as she dishes on all the gossip that Camille has been saying behind her back, to which Kyle looks modified that all of this is coming out. I agree that Camille is Queen of talking behind people’s backs; however girl just got married. Can’t they wait until they return to Beverly Hills before they start trashing her??

Back in Beverly Hills, Rinna and Kyle are going in for their annual mammogram appointments and if you know Kyle you know the poor woman has terrible anxiety. While Rinna’s exam comes back with glowing results Kyle has to do extra imaging which leaves her shaking with anxiety. I think any woman going through these tests can relate to the anxiety and I feel for Kyle in this moment. Fortunately Kyle’s exam turns out to be perfectly healthy and we can all breathe a sigh of relief as that was a stressful scene.

Kyle doesn’t have anytime to dwell on the stressful moment as her daughter’s 30th birthday party is here and cost a ton of money so the show must go on! Poor Mauricio has to deal with his daughter’s scandalous costumes; however Kyle’s costume takes the cake as she is going as a Playboy bunny. I have to give props where props are due as the #Farrahween decor is on point. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I love how everyone went all out from the Joker to Choupette. All the costumes look great but I think we all can agree that Lisa Rinna won the costume contest going as Erika Jayne, Moschino t-shirt dress and all. Fortunately, Erika Jayne takes it as a compliment (because let’s face it: some of these other women would probably be insulted if someone else dressed up like them. Not mentioning names but I’m sure you can guess!) Despite all of Rinna’s hard work, Kim Richards is the surprise guest of honor and she is as kooky and unpredictable as we remember her. Never change Kim!

The party seems to be going great despite some gossip involving Camille as the Farrhy’s Wheel is a hit and Kyle gives a sweet speech for her daughter’s 30th. The ladies seem to be getting along well (perhaps too well) as Rinna’s inner Erika Jayne comes out when she lashes out about the bunny incident in third person. I’m sure Rinna has had a few drinks by this time so I’m just going to say this: in vino veritas.

Obviously this turns into a huge issue and for once Kim is talking sense as she hits the nail on the head: “Don’t blame beautiful Erika Jayne on Lisa Rinna’s bad behavior.” Preach Richards! Poor Denise hasn’t spent a lot of time around this group and doesn’t know Kim very well and goes in to defend her BFF Rinna. Naturally Kyle takes Kim side while Denise takes Rinna’s. The whole argument is so stupid so I’m just going to repeat what Denise said as she said it best: “who cares about a f**king stuffed bunny??”

We end the episode with Rinna taking her Erika Jayne act to an annoying level, Kim and Rinna coming to some sort of truce and a creepy angel of death hovering above  them while this is going down. If that isn’t the most foretelling sign I don’t know what is!

Thoughts on this episode? Let’s discuss!

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