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Camille Grammer Regrets Talking About Lisa Vanderpump, Plus Weighs In On LVP’s Polygraph Test!

Camille Grammer recently joined Watch What Happens Live to discuss everything about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Camille, the OG turned friend of the wives, has been bringing it this season. Camille had made some distasteful comments about Lisa Vanderpump, however; they are on good terms now. Kyle Richards has said that the old Camille from season one is back now. Camille made it clear on WWHL, that she is having fun on this wild ride!

Has the old Camille been coming out? Camille said, “Yeah! Right?”

What does Camille think about this all? “I think it’s funny,” she laughed.

Does she have any regrets? “Of course, of course. I regret what I said about Lisa’s teeth. But I was under the influence. It came across really mean, and harsh. And I felt like shit after I said it. And I apologized, and I keep apologizing.”

Has LVP forgiven her and accepted her apology? Camille answered, “Well, I think I read something recently, she’s like ‘It’s been touch and go.’ And I’m like ‘Oh, Lord.’ I’ve only apologized like twenty times, I guess there’s a few more apologies on the way.”

Camille’s wedding was attended by the RHOBH cast, but not LVP. There was a lot of tension between LVP and the rest of the cast – so she didn’t want to ruin the wedding by attending. Camille shared, “She did say that I’m afraid that if I go, the focus is gonna be off your wedding and on the fact that I’m here. And I did understand that. But after time when I found out she was taking a lie detector test instead of coming to my wedding, I got upset! I was like, why? You chose a lie detector test over me, your friend?”

Lisa had previously stated, “As much as I want to see Camille get married, I’m not gonna put myself in that situation with them all against me.” Lisa took a polygraph test and passed. She was asked questions during the lie detector test, about if she ever gave a story to Radar Online about Dorit Kemsley and her dog and if she knew who gave the story to Radar Online. LVP answered “no” to both of those questions, and the polygraph examiner determined that “there is zero chance you are lying on any of the questions of importance.”

Camille believes Lisa and the results, too! “I believe she didn’t give the story to Radar,” Camille stated. “I mean, she did not give the story.” Does Camille think someone on LVP’s team gave the story? Camille answered, “I don’t know, but I don’t believe it was her.”

I love the RHOBH! I’m hoping that everyone will attend the reunion and be able to settle all of these situations once and for all. I believe LVP, I don’t think she gave the story. I think this season has revolved around ‘Puppy Gate’ way too long and I’m hoping we’ll move onto other things on the show now!

Thoughts on everything Camille had to say? Thoughts on this season of the RHOBH? Do you believe LVP and the polygraph test? Do you want Camille to return full-time? Is season one Camille back? Sound off below!

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