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RHOBH Recap: One Wedding and a Polygraph

We all love a good wedding special don’t we? Luckily for us Beverly Hills fans we get one tonight mixed in with a polygraph test. When we think weddings we all think polygraphs don’t we?

We kick start this episode off by jumping in with both feet. LVP and Sessa pulling out the big guns and performing a lie detector test to prove that LVP did not give the dog story to Radar Online. We meet with some random guy who claims to be the best in the business and assures Sessa that his results are nearly 100% accurate. I know the other ladies seem to laugh at the idea of LVP doing a lie detector test however I’m all for it – what else can she do at this point? Lisa passes with flying colors, however I have a feeling come reunion time this isn’t going to be enough for the ladies.

On a less serious note, the other ladies are packing for Hawaii for Camille’s wedding so naturally we get Bravo’s obligatory ‘packing montage.’ Like every other cast trip the resort is gorgeous, drinks are flowing and things seem to start off to a great start (minus Kyle pretty much being the most checked out bride of all time.) Fortunately, the bride seems cool as a cucumber, minus one of her guests sending in  a ‘regret’ RSVP. The ladies seem disappointed that LVP is not there; however if they think she is as vicious as they claim she is, why would they want her there?

Luckily the ladies have more important things to do (like paddleboard) or at least attempt to if you are Kyle. It seems the ladies are getting along great and the scene is cute (minus Teddi’s super high waisted bikini bottoms. Not getting that trend – sorry.) I think it’s for the best that LVP didn’t attend the wedding as myself (and the rest of the world) is over puppygate and if would have attended you know this is the only thing that would be discussed.

Fortunately the weekend seems to be going beautifully as the ladies attend a dinner at Camille’s stunning house and all I have to say is wow! I’d accept an invite to Camille’s house any day – doesn’t she have a ‘Jesus complex’ and hand out free vacations on a regular basis? The only damper on the wedding weekend is the fact that Camille’s mother is too sick to attend which naturally is devastating to Camille. I’m a little shocked at how well the trip seems to be going, perhaps I’ve just been burned by too many ‘housewives’ trips in the past?

The biggest drama we have this episode is Rinna’s cold and Teddi feeling guilty for being a working mom. Apparently Teddi has the opportunity to sell half her company which she feels conflicted on, and I’m sure working moms everywhere can relate. The mom guilt is real but Teddi already has a ton of more resources than most moms do so sometimes it’s hard to watch these Beverly Hills ladies complain.

Speaking of Beverly Hills moms, apparently Mauricio is going through a midlife crisis and is worried that his family name is going to die with him as he doesn’t have a son. Kyle is annoyed that Mauricio is bringing this up now as we all remember Kyle wanting another baby in earlier seasons; however at this point Kyle is done with that whole pregnancy thing. I don’t know if it’s the heat, stress from his job (or weed) but Mauricio does seems a bit off this episode which we see as he forgets who the hell is getting married. Oops!

The episode has been going so well up to this point, however at an otherwise beautiful dinner, LVP’s lie detector test gets brought up and ruins everything. Us viewers are supposed to believe that one of Kyle’s daughter’s friends construction workers was getting a lie detector test and randomly saw LVP getting her lie detector test at the same time. So yeah, let’s all buy that story and not believe that a producer asked Kyle to bring up the lie detector test at dinner. As expected, the ladies think the test is BS so at this point either they have definite proof LVP is guilty or nothing will clear her name. Either way, I’m over the ROL story as there is no proof either way so I feel it’s pointless to keep this story line going, yet here we are.

The big day of the wedding is here and all of the ladies look lovely, but naturally the bride outshines them all. In a very happy turn of events, Camille’s mom was able to make the wedding at the last minute and I don’t think Camille could have asked for a better wedding present. The ceremony is absolutely stunning and she couldn’t have asked for more beautiful weather or a more gorgeous ceremony. Camille has had a very rough go at love so I’m happy to see her find love again (hopefully – Mauricio’s words not mine!)

Thoughts on this episode? Let’s discuss!

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