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Karen Huger Dishes On RHOP Drama, Shades Gizelle Bryant, Opens Up About Her Finances, Plus Gives Wendy Williams Love Advice!

The Real Housewives of Potomac are back and Karen Huger is dishing on it all! Karen recently appeared on Wendy Williams to discuss the RHOP, her co-star Gizelle Bryant, finances with her husband, plastic surgery, and much more. Plus, Karen had some love advice for Wendy. Let’s dig in!

For starters, Karen’s husband, Ray Huger, hates being called the Black Bill Gates. Remember Beyoncé included that line in her song “Formation?” The Grand Dame of Potomac, Karen, told Wendy that Ray hates being called that. However; she said they started calling him that at the hair salon she went to – and it stuck.

Speaking of her husband, Karen gave Wendy some love advice. Wendy asked, “Hey, how did you meet that? Give us some tips?” Karen said, “Let’s talk about that. I had been married before, and Lord knows he was gorgeous but, you know, we didn’t mesh.” Karen explained she wanted to forever be the hot, young one in her marriage. Karen shared, “I met Ray at the Black Caucus, honey. If you want a change. We all like shiny things, beautiful things, right? But I wanted to get married again so I said a prayer to God. I said, ‘Look, I need a man I can look up to that is not afraid of me.'”

Wendy said, “And you planted yourself purposely right in the middle?” Karen replied, “I certainly did, I went straight to the Black Caucus, honey. You’ve got to go where you’re uncomfortable. I was growing, I was in a place of growth. I was uncomfortable there because I was not used to it. I was not ready for it. There were high powered people there, very successful. But I wanted to be like them, so in order to be like them I had to make myself a student of that circle.” Wendy told Karen, “You seem like you were born this way” and Karen said, “It all came together.”

Has she had a facelift? No! Karen answered, “No, I have not. I am not opposed to it. Listen honey, I believe in tweaking, lifting, doing whatever you have to do. So when my time comes I will be honest and open and share it.” She has had injections, though. Karen said she loves injections and that they are “less invasive.”

Wendy said that when Gizelle was on the show, she mentioned that Karen’s face looked different. However; Karen was adamant that she did not have a facelift. Karen threw some shade at Gizelle about that and said, “You know what, Gizelle needs a neck lift. Let’s just be real. However; I don’t have a new face. You know, I did go through life challenges, losing two parents. I lost weight. Then I went blonde, I found my blonde, hello, that really changes how you look.”

Of course, Karen’s finances came up. Karen’s husband Bill ended up owing millions of dollars in back taxes to the IRS. Karen is adamant that she did not know about it. Karen said, “Yes, it was suddenly, it was suddenly. Let me say this to keep it very, very real: I didn’t know. I’m not his business partner, I’m his woman. Totally different.” She added, “We don’t even have a checking account together, because I like to spend money. Just saying.”

Karen stands by her decision to stay with her husband. “What really pisses people off, is that I stood up for him. It was my decision. I decided to stay with him. The girls were like ‘Are you going to leave him, are you going to leave him?’ No I wasn’t going to leave Ray. Why would I? Bad things happen to good people all the time, all the time. And he settled it, and I still got my boo.”

Remember all of the drama on the RHOP about whether or not Karen moved in the middle of the night? Wendy asked Karen if she moved out in the middle of the night and Karen answered, “No, raw daylight! And I didn’t even move myself. I was out of the country, my husband moved me.”

When Wendy asked Karen if that was her mansion, Karen asked, “Which one? I’ve had several mansions.” She threw some shade at Gizelle and the other ladies for talking about it on the show, and said, “Gizelle has yet to have a mansion, okay.”

Karen stressed the importance of women having their own money and making smart decisions! Karen said people don’t want women to have their own money, and encouraged ladies to have their own money. Preach!

Watch the video below to see everything Karen had to say:

I’m so happy that the RHOP is back on! I love those ladies.

Thoughts on this all? Thoughts on everything Karen had to say? Thoughts on this season so far? Sound off below!

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