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John Sessa Spills on Lisa Vanderpump’s Lie-Detector Test; Plus LVP and John Blizzard Throw Shade At RHOBH Cast

Too Fab recently caught up with John Sessa, Lisa Vanderpump, and John Blizzard at World Dog Day in West Hollywood on Saturday where they spilled all the tea about the recent drama on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Sessa dished all about LVP’s shocking lie-detector test, while LVP and Blizzard threw a ton of shade at the RHOBH cast.

To start Sessa opened up about whose idea it was for LVP to undergo a lie-detector test.

“Well, I think it was both Lisa and I,” Sessa says about the decision for LVP to take a lie-detector test to prove her innocence. “But I do think that, honestly, we really wanted to prove a point and really strike it home that this is the truth and this is exactly what has been going on with us. It’s a lot more than just reality TV; it’s what our reality really is.”

“I was really just defending Lisa,” he said about his involvement in the PuppyGate drama. “I don’t think that many people have been in her corner, and I think that someone needs to do it. I really think that she’s been a part of ‘Beverly Hills Housewives,’ and I think that she deserves a little bit of a credence in that.”

And Sessa’s efforts to always be in Lisa’s “corner” don’t just apply to RHOBH or Vanderpump Dogs, in fact, they go far beyond.

Sessa recently inserted himself in drama on Vanderpump Rules after Ariana Madix voiced her opinion on her boss.

After the season 7 finale of Pump Rules, Ariana opened up about attempting to confront LVP about bashing the Toms.

“Literally as the words were coming out of my mouth, I realized that it was a completely pointless endeavor,” Ariana, said of her conversation with Vanderpump“She’ll never take what I’m saying seriously. I’ll always be her, like, minion, you know? What is the point? All I’m going to do is make her mad. … She’ll get vindictive. She’ll try to get back at me for having this opinion and these concerns, so you know what? Screw it. I’ll just go back to my f–king corner and stay out of it and live my life.”

This didn’t sit well with Sessa who quickly called Ariana out for her comments. On Twitter, Sessa called Ariana “disrespectful and disloyal.”
On Saturday, Sessa doubled down on his initial comments saying, “I think that Ariana made a comment on a public platform, and I do think that there hasn’t been a lot of support from Lisa’s castmates on a public forum, and I really would like to do that. I think it was just off-kilter that Ariana would say something to her boss, who has essentially given her a platform for eight years. Someone needed to stand up.”

Next, the other John – John Blizzard took the hot seat and talked about the PuppyGate drama on RHOBH.

Blizzard insists that the PuppyGate drama hasn’t been portrayed 100% accurately on RHOBH.

“We all know what happened, and the way that some things have been portrayed are not necessarily the way that we kind of remember things or the way they actually happened,” Blizzard revealed. “I know my truth, and I know what happened. You know, it’s really down to editing and things like that.”

However, Blizzard admits he hasn’t watched one episode of RHOBH season 9. In the same instance, Blizzard seizes the opportunities to take a few cheap shots at the RHOBH cast.

“I haven’t watched one episode, and I really don’t know what’s going on [on the show],” he confessed. “Obviously, I have things like [World Dog day] going on, so I actually have things to do. Like, some of these other ladies, they don’t really have that much to do sometimes. I’m doing events for a major foundation… I’m busy, unlike some people.”

As for Lucy Lucy Apple Juice, she’s “living her best life in Santa Monica” under a new name: Lulu.

Meanwhile, Lisa Vanderpump also stepped up the plate to talk RHOBH. To start LVP was asked about rumors of a Vanderpump Dogs spinoff show.

“Well, there’s also some rumors that Lisa Rinna was gonna sue Bravo for that, right?” LVP said. “That’s rumors, but right now, let’s just concentrate on today and what we have and the tangible things that we can see, touch, hold and celebrate.”

Too Fab then asked: “What’s one thing you wish you could tell your dogs that they’d understand?” LVP replied, “Oh, they understand more than one thing. I could have a conversation with them! What are you talking about?”

“Now, if I could say one thing to my castmates…” she trailed off, laughing. “I think you know [what it would be]; we just can’t put it on air.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Bravo Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

Thoughts on LVP and the Johns comments? Are you curious to see LVP take a lie-detector test on RHOBH? Sound off below!

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