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Brandi Glanville Says “Strategic” Lisa Vanderpump Will Play “Victim” at S9 Reunion; Plus Says Camille Grammer Is “Amazing at Pretending” on RHOBH

Brandi Glanville is doing what she does best: being Unfiltered and making predictions about what’s to come on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

During a recent episode of her Brandi Glanville Unfiltered podcast, Brandi talked with her friend and RHOBH star Denise Richards about all things 90210. Brandi gave Denise the 411 on the “strategic” Lisa Vanderpump and her “mean” husband Ken Todd.

Brandi also slammed Camille Grammer and revealed which RHOBH star she recently apologized to her.

“I think [Lisa] shows and she plays the victim, that’s what I think,” Brandi said of the upcoming season 9 reunion taping. “I think she could have a walk-off moment, but she’s not really a walk-off kind of person.”

However, Brandi says that LVP isn’t going to have much to contribute at the reunion she’s skipped out on filming most of the season. In fact, Brandi questions why LVP even needs to be there as she won’t be open to reconciling with any of her co-stars.

“Lisa does hold grudges. She doesn’t ever let anything go. I just don’t see her coming back to these friendships. When she’s hurt and she’s done, she’s done and she does not look back,” Brandi explained. “If she’s perceived as anything other than perfect, she can’t handle it and she cuts those people out of her life.”

Brandi goes on to say that LVP struggles with the lack of control she has on RHOBH. On Vanderpump Rules, LVP is an executive producer so she has a say in what’s aired and what’s not but she doesn’t have that same power on RHOBH.

“I think that’s where she struggles. She’s the most strategic person I’ve ever met. She’s a controlled person. She likes to be in control and on this show, she can’t be,” Brandi revealed. “You can’t control anyone.”

Brandi then moves on to discussing that infamous showdown between Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, and Ken Todd. If you recall, Ken tossed Kyle out of Villa Rosa after she informed LVP that everyone suspects she leaked the story about Dorit Kemsley and Lucy Lucy Apple Juice to Radar Online.

According to Brandi, Kyle did nothing wrong and didn’t deserve the treatment she received from Ken.

“If Ken or any man got in my face like that, I would’ve f**king knocked him out. And I know Ken really f**king well. I’ve seen him be very mean to a lot of people,” Brandi said.

Speaking of past issues, Brandi says that despite her ups and downs with Lisa Rinna she likes her “a lot” and had fun with her during past seasons of RHOBH. As for their beef, Brandi says it stems from her loyalty to Kim Richards, however, that ended last month when Rinna called and apologized once and for all.

“I was trying to protect Kim and she had her issues with Kim and it was just hard,” Brandi explained. “For me, Kim was my friend for a long time and I was just trying to protect her and her sobriety and all that and it was taking a toll.”

While Brandi’s future on RHOBH is still up in the air, rumor has it she may return as a full-time Housewife for season 10, she admits that she misses having fun with all the ladies.

Brandi owns that her last season of RHOBH was a mess and that she was depressed and drinking way too much.

“I kind of knew my last season that it was my last season,” she said reflecting on her final season on RHOBH. “I had a really bad last season. I had been called something I wasn’t and I cared too much about what everyone else thought. If someone’s saying, ‘You’re an alcoholic,’ or ‘You’re a this, you’re a that,’ it bothered me. I cared. I got depressed.”

Meanwhile, Brandi has a major bone to pick with one member of the RHOBH cast and that’s Camille Grammer who Brandi says is “amazing at pretending” on the show.

“I don’t know if she’s coming or going,” Brandi said. “What are you saying today? Who’s your friend now? It doesn’t make any sense. I feel like she doesn’t know what she’s doing. She’s not being true to herself by saying things she wouldn’t normally say and it comes off not authentic.”

“She doesn’t know who she is. I like Camille in real life but I don’t like her on the show,” Brandi added.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Bravo Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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