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Kyle Richards And Lisa Vanderpump Respond To Camille Grammer’s Tweets About RHOBH!

It’s been a crazy season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. As each episode airs, the ladies have taken to social media to discuss what is happening on the RHOBH. Camille Grammer was recently tweeting about the show, and it has left Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump confused. Camille agreed with a fan that Kyle, was turning on her and that she became the “new target” once LVP stopped filming season 9.

Fans were replying, “Wait what’d I miss?” and “When did Kyle go after Camille?” Kyle denied the allegations and was just as confused. However; Kyle said she didn’t want to get into a social media war. Kyle replied, “I didn’t. I’m as confused as you. But I can’t even engage with how ridiculous this is. And frankly, I have no interest in getting into a twitter war at my age.”

People mentioned that Kyle appeared to take Teddi Mellencamp’s side in an argument between her and Camille. Kyle said, “Camille had posted ‘that’s right, I said Teddy is a know it all’ and Teddi responded ‘it’s Teddi’ I replied ‘mic drop.'” Kyle said, “That certainly does not warrant the tweets about me. But I am done trying to understand.”

Viewers then mentioned Kyle’s drama with LVP, and how they didn’t believe her even when she swore on her children’s lives. LVP replied, “It’s actually fine, I don’t care anymore if they don’t believe me. I actually prefer it that way as it shows me what they really thought of me. I’m good.BTW swearing on kids life is sacred where I am from.”

Kyle recently told Us Weekly that she doesn’t understand Camille’s tweets. Kyle said, “I have no idea where that was coming from. It was completely uncalled for, and that’s the kind of stuff you’re going to be seeing. It’s like season 1 Camille is back in full force.” She added that OG turned friend of the wives, Camille, is a “people pleaser” who “flip flops.”

LVP had accepted Camille’s apologies for negative comments she made about her. Kyle and LVP recently ran into one another for the first time since ‘Puppy Gate’ on the show. Lisa said, “It was OK.”

The season is still airing and the reunion will be filmed next month.

I’m definitely looking forward to watching the RHOBH reunion when it airs. I hope all of the ladies can sort everything out and move forward!

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