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Kyle Richards Talks Anxiety, Having a Hot Husband and all things LVP on ‘Just the Sip!’

Well if you want Kyle Richards to spill the tea, just sit her down with a glass of rose with her bestie Justin Sylvester AKA ‘the ladysitter.’

Justin may have started as Kyle’s assistant but their relationship soon evolved to close friends, with the two sharing wild night outs and apparently some very cheeky chats! On a recent episode of ‘Just the Sip’ Justin and Kyle joked that if their phones were ever hacked they would never work in this town again proving their close and jovial relationship.

All joking aside, the conversation was a mix of serious and fun moments, as we all have with our close friends. The two’s close relationship started when Kyle decided that she needed an assistant during RHOBH season 1, hence her hiring Justin. The employment started off awkward with Kyle not knowing what to do with him other than fetching her coffee; however as he started to help out with her daughters, they had some pretty funny moments such as Justin bringing Santa cookies to a Jewish school and thinking latkes were spiked lattes.

More serious topics that came up include Kyle’s crippling anxiety which got so bad when she became a mom that she wouldn’t let them sleep in their cribs. As Kyle got older it evolved into concern with something happening to her health which may leave her unable to take care of her children, hence her fear of practically everything. We all remember Kyle’s eye earlier this season which left her convinced that she had a brain tumor and her extreme fear of flying. As someone who also has anxiety I can relate to Kyle and can confirm: the struggle is real.

Other topics include Kyle’s hunky husband Mauricio Umansky to which Justin can’t believe she allows him to be on camera. Kyle jokes that she may have to ‘re-cast’ her husband as there are so many women that send him inappropriate messages. Kyle admits she is so in love with her husband that she doesn’t have a hall pass list and that other men simply don’t ‘do it’ for her.

A more serious conversation is her friendship with LVP which was pretty much killed and buried this season thanks to puppygate. Kyle still seems baffled as to why LVP won’t forgive her or the other ladies; however still claims that if LVP came back all would be ‘forgiven and forgotten.’ Watch the episode below and see for yourself!

Personally I thought it was a great interview and it’s apparent the two are close as Kyle was able to speak so freely with Justin. Regarding her friendship with LVP, last year you may have heard me say that I miss it and hope they can work it out; however at this point I’m over it. I think LVP isn’t the type of person to say she’s sorry (ever) but Kyle saying she loves Lisa, always followed by the word “but” wouldn’t be someone I would consider a close friend either. I feel both of them haven’t been great friends to each other which is why I think it’s best of they go their separate ways, and judging from readers comments it sounds many feel the same.

What are your thoughts on Kyle’s interview? What surprised you most?

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