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Lisa Vanderpump Saw Kyle Richards For The First Time Since Puppy Gate: “It Was OK”

Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards have seen one another for the first time since their fallout on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! The former friends had a falling out on the RHOBH over ‘Puppy Gate’ and they hadn’t been speaking – until now. Lisa recently revealed to Us Weekly, “I actually ran into Kyle the other day.” “It was OK,” she added.

They had argued on the show over Lisa’s alleged role in leaking the story about Dorit Kemsley’s dog to the press. This whole situation has been dubbed ‘Puppy Gate.’ Lisa and Kyle hadn’t been speaking to one another since their argument at Lisa’s house, Villa Rosa.

Lisa had shared in her blog post, “I received a text sending me a birthday greeting from KR, a hollow statement, it felt insincere to me – there were no flowers, no phone call, no messages of retraction … I pressed the BLOCK button. She threw our relationship down the toilet and I flushed it!”

Lisa also had a falling out with Dorit and her husband, PK Kemsley. Lisa recently explained, “I haven’t known Dorit for that long. I didn’t even go to her wedding but I know PK through social circles in London and I said that two seasons ago. I said, ‘You’re PK’s wife so I embrace you and came to love you.'”

Lisa admitted to Us Weekly that she may miss Dorit and PK, but she cannot be close to anyone who doesn’t trust her. Lisa explained, “You miss anybody who has been a good friend, but when their actions are accusatory and they don’t believe you. A friendship is based on trust and honesty so when I said, ‘I swear to you on my children’s life’ – if that’s not good enough for a friend then that’s not being a friend. In fact, it was good enough for PK — remember he said, ‘That’s good enough for me and it should be good enough for you?’ But she said no, so he has to stand by his wife and I support and I respect that because Ken stands by me.”

I think it’s a good thing that these two have crossed paths recently. They are both healing and that takes time. I’m hoping that their friendship can be repaired again. I hope that Lisa and Kyle both are on the RHOBH next season. I really hope that Lisa comes to the reunion, but I understand if she doesn’t. The whole ‘Puppy Gate’ situation was taken too far. Hopefully we get back to the good times soon!

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