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RHONY Recap – Shalloween

It may be spring time for the rest of us but it’s Halloween in New York!

The ladies of the Big Apple did NOT disappoint for the big Halloween bash. While the theme of the night seemed to be naughty nurse, the rest of the ladies stole the spotlight, specifically Barbara K. as Slash and Bethenny as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Someone who is disappointing? Luann who is treating this minor Halloween party as if it were a major concert. Lu won’t come to see her guests and her fashionably late appearance is a little disappointing as it is a Tuesday night. Clearly the life of a Cabaret star has gone straight to her head.

Lu finally comes out to do her big number (Money Can’t Buy You Class) and according to her it did not disappoint; however if you ask me it was a little robotic. Lu come off the stage on a high; however is a little disappointed to hear that Bethenny left early due to her daughter and Ramona had better things to do. C’est le Vie!

Over at Tinsley’s, she and her mother are discussing her breakup with Scott and I think if Tins wants to move on, she also needs to cut ties with her mother. I have nothing against a close relationship with your mom, but the two seem to have a relationship which doesn’t allow Tinsley to grow into an independent, grown ass woman. Tinsley is depressed that she doesn’t have a man or a baby and doesn’t want to turn into little and big Edie from Grey Gardens as this seems to be the direction in which her life is heading. In all honesty, can you blame her from being a little depressed? I think some independence and some self confidence would do this girl wonders.

Across town, Ramona is doing some meaningful work by working with women who have survived sexual assault.  Ramona is holding a silent auction to raise money to work on changing the statue of limitations and invites Sonja and Dorinda along to get their input. While Ramona has a good heart, she comes across as disrespectful as she can’t get the woman’s name right and Sonja has a very unfortunate slip. Perhaps these women should stick to writing a check when it comes to charity as they end up with egg on their face despite their good intentions.

Meanwhile, Dorinda is moving into her new apartment as she has taken a page from Sonja’s handbook and is downsizing. Despite taking on a new chapter, Dorinda makes it clear that there is no room for John in this new apartment and honestly, I don’t blame her. I don’t get what Dorinda sees in him but whatever it is it’s not enough to take their relationship to the next level.

The ladies (minus Lu) decide to get together to gossip about the second coming of the Countess as (to the shock of no one) Luann has become a nightmare again. Apparently cutting back on the sauce and getting a Cabaret act has brought out the ugly side of Luann and no one is more upset about it than Bethenny. For whatever reason, Bethenny is getting the brunt of the insults and we all know that Bethenny isn’t one to take it lying down. Luckily for the ladies, no one can give a back handed compliment like Luann so at least her insults have a pretty delivery.

The night of Ramona’s charity event is upon us and everyone comes to support her minus Bethenny who is on a Victoria’s Secret theme this episode as she is also attending the fashion show. Perhaps she brought her Halloween costume in the hopes that they will ask her to make a guest appearance? I understand the fact if you are double booked but as it was a charity event, I hope Bethenny wrote a very generous check for Ramona’s event. Unfortunately it’s a ‘real housewives’ event so nothing can go smoothly and a charity event is no exception. Ramona decides to give a speech but can’t get through it without Sonja and Dorinda interrupting and it’s even more horrific when the survivor Bridie tries to speak and can’t get her story out. Perhaps the most jaw dropping moment is when Sonja accidentally introducing her as the *hore’s mouth vs. horses mouth. I mean, I was cringing for poor Bridie. Horrific.Beyond.Words.

Next week we are in the Hamptons with Bethenny vs. the Countess and Barbara revealing some salacious details about her private life. Will you be watching?

Thoughts on this episode? Let’s discuss!

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