RHOBH Recap: Grilling Me Softly

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Raise your hand if you’re excited for Troop Beverly Hills – I know I am!

While the ladies are pumped for their glamping experience, emotions are still running high as Kyle received an apology from PK but things are still icy between her and Dorit. To makes matters worse, Camille seems to have returned to her season 1 personality, being ‘holier than thou’ and can’t stop herself from gossiping about nearly everyone in the group.

After purchasing $700 worth of groceries the ladies check themselves into the equivalent of the Beverly Hills Hotel of the outdoors, and all I have to say is I have a new item on my bucket list. Luxurious yurts with beer pong and massages? I mean could this trip get any better? Apparently it could for Erika as she feels at the age of 47 she is too old for beer pong. I mean she’ll gyrate with men half her age while wearing next to nearly nothing, but apparently beer pong is where she draws the line. Luckily Dorit steps up to the plate and is surprisingly good at beer pong.

Despite LVP being absent, she is a constant topic of conversation as despite Erika not missing LVP it seems both Kyle and Dorit are still a bit shell shocked as to what transpired. To be fair, Kyle is pretty much shell shocked about everything including bears, ticks, snakes and everything outdoors. I’m totally getting a Shelly Long ‘Troop Beverly Hills’ vibe from her this episode.

In addition to everything outdoors, Kyle is also afraid of the climbing wall which is humorous to watch. While Dorit and Rinna are like cats scaling the wall, Kyle can barely make it a few feet of the ground. Despite Camille not being the fastest, she is the most comfortable with the gear as apparently she wore a similar contraption while with Kelsey. Um- TMI!

Apparently that isn’t the only major reveal Camille gives this episode as we also learn more about her true feelings for Teddi Mellencamp. In a random feud, the two bicker over grilling and get into it further over an argument of whether LVP is coming to Camille’s wedding or not. Camille labels Teddi a ‘know it all’ and says she is tired of Teddi sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. To be fair, I have felt this about Tedd in the past, but with regards to Camille’s wedding I do think Teddi was coming from a good place.

While Teddi and Camille bicker, Denise gets a massage which unfortunately does not end with a happy ending. Denise apparently has a fetish with happy endings and practically forced her husband Aaron to get one as he was the only man Denise knew that hadn’t had one. To be fair – the woman was married to Charlie Sheen. In addition, Denise has partaken in at least one happy ending of her own that we know of and while I’m trying not to judge, I have to wonder what kind of establishment this was. Rumor has it that Aaron is NOT pleased with Denise sharing secrets of their private life on the show so I’m going to put money on the fact that he’s not happy with this reveal.

Fortunately for Aaron, the topic of conversation turns to PK and his passive aggressive comment. Interestingly enough, it’s not Kyle that’s holding the grudge but Teddi who apparently can’t get over what PK said. Kyle barely says a word as apparently Teddi is hijacking the argument for her, and in this instance I have to agree with Camille that Teddi needs to stay out of it. With LVP out of the picture it seems that the ladies are turning on each other and I am interested to see how it all is going to end.

Thoughts on this episode? Let’s discuss!

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