Let’s Discuss: Vanderpump Rules Reunion – Part 1

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If you thought the puppygate drama was messy – you obviously haven’t been watching this season of Vanderpump Rules! The shocking (and sloppy) part 1 reunion aired last night and the drama did not disappoint. So what went down?

Well for starters James Kennedy’s girlfriend Raquel got her fair amount of screen time; however the poor thing could barely get a word in. Between Jax insulting her and James yelling back at Jax, Raquel pretty much came and did what she did best: look like a deer caught in headlights. She was able to articulate that she did NOT think that James was 100% faithful which unfortunately for her, made her look like a doormat as she seems to let James get away with anything:

The real drama came to a boiling point when Jax brought up James referencing his dad in a tweet to which James brought up a fake Raquel Twitter account that was allegedly linked to Jax. The two nearly got in a fight and luckily Andy was on hand to make sure no punches were thrown:

Luckily for Raquel the heat was taken off her for a bit as she wasn’t the only girlfriend under fire. Lala Kent took some heat for not devoting 100% of herself to the show that made her famous. Apparently the cast doesn’t think it was fair that Lala could have her cake and eat it too as she got to spend her time in the limelight while keeping her love life private. I tend to agree with the cast as it’s easy to cast stones while your private life is kept private; however Lala didn’t see it that way and defended her choices:

Other topics that were brought up include the Toms not feeling respected by LVP, losses the group has encountered these past few years and Sandoval’s loyalty to Jax and Brittany. If you think this was bad it seems to get even more messy from here as we also got a taste of part two and what’s to come:

What were your thoughts on part 1 of the reunion? Let’s discuss!

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