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John Sessa Slams Ariana Madix For Criticizing Lisa Vanderpump, Plus Ariana Responds and Calls John Out For Being Thirsty!

John Sessa took to Twitter on Sunday night and slammed Ariana Madix for publicly criticizing her boss Lisa Vanderpump.

In a tweet, Sessa called the Vanderpump Rules star’s comments about LVP  “disrespectful and disloyal.”

“How disrespectful and disloyal @ariana2525 to @LisaVanderpump someone who has given you a job for eight years and countless opportunities. Enjoy your new $2M home,” Sessa tweeted. 

However, Ariana didn’t take the dig lying down and shot right back at Sessa.

Ariana pointed out that she and Sessa are friends and the fact that he called her out publicly says something about his intentions. Basically, Ariana called him thirsty AF.

“Ok, John. We’ve been friends for years and have had plenty of deep conversations about this stuff. You tweeting this little prepared paragraph instead of just texting me is very telling,” Ariana responded.

Following last week’s episode of Pump Rules, Ariana opened up about attempting to confront LVP about bashing the Toms.

“Literally as the words were coming out of my mouth, I realized that it was a completely pointless endeavor,” Ariana, said of her conversation with Vanderpump. “She’ll never take what I’m saying seriously. I’ll always be her, like, minion, you know? What is the point? All I’m going to do is make her mad. … She’ll get vindictive. She’ll try to get back at me for having this opinion and these concerns, so you know what? Screw it. I’ll just go back to my f–king corner and stay out of it and live my life.”

As for Vanderpump, she has yet to respond to Ariana’s comments.

This John guy just seems to keep his nose out of the drama. LVP is a big girl and can handle her battles all on her own especially when it comes to her employees. Plus, Ariana is allowed to voice her opinion. Without the Pump Rules cast, Vanderpump Rules wouldn’t be the success it is.

Thoughts on Sessa’s tweet? Is Sessa speaking for LVP again? Is Sessa thirsty for attention? Does Ariana have the right to voice her feelings? Sound off below!

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