RHOBH Recap – The Ultimate Ultimatum

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Hello Beverly Hills fans! I am hoping thinking this is the final episode of puppygate so congrats – we’ve almost made it out of the woods!

We start out this episode with Rinna and Erika working on their amazing bods by going to the gym. The two formed an unlikely friendship based on their love of hustling and….well, that’s pretty much it. The two do a pretty hardcore rowing machine exercise which Rinna fails at but luckily for her she has nothing to prove as she apparently did a hip hop cardio DVD in 2008 which makes her legit. You know – when you this of hip hop you think Lisa Rinna.

Across town, the Todds are still working on their uber expensive kitchen renovation; however their larger issue is losing their longtime friend PK which is weighing heavily on their minds. The two decide to do a double date to try and hash out their issues and it’s either going to be the cement that glues their friendship forever or will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Speaking of Dorit, apparently having an expensive office is the new Beverly Hills housewives accessory as Dorit took a page from Erika Jayne’s book and decided to rent an office space. Side note: This office space does NOT look cheap. I was under the impression that Dorit was chased around the pool for not paying a business debt but her company can afford this ridiculous Beverly Hills office space? Is this a red flag for anyone else?? Back to the show – Dorit brings up Kyle being insulted by PK and PK gently reminds Dorit that he is not a housewife and will not spend weeks dissecting one tiny sentence. Thank you PK – I agree!

Kyle decides to keep dissecting said sentence and goes hiking with Teddi to yet again discuss it. During the hike, the two decide that nothing brings people together like camping so decide to plan a trip to “rough it.” Clearly this is a production driven story line as everyone knows these Beverly Hills divas are going to kill each other without their daily luxuries so camping will do anything but bring peace to this bunch. On the bright side? It may be entertaining for us!

Still dissecting the same sentence are Camille and Denise who meet for lunch to (you guessed it) talk about PK’s comment to Kyle. Camille clearly isn’t #team anyone other than #TeamCamille as she finds Teddi to be an annoying millennial, LVP to be too prideful, and thinks that Dorit is shady. Poor Denise thinks what we are all thinking: If Camille talks like this about her friends it’s only a matter of time before she will talk about her like that. Wise woman that Denise!

Over at PUMP, LVP and Ken are expecting the Kemsley’s to apologize to them; however Dorit wants to stand her ground much to the dismay of her husband who wants to bury the hatchet. The feud gets brought up right out the gate as Dorit is upset that LVP went to TMZ instead of calling her directly and still believes that LVP had something to do with the ROL story. Ken and LVP draw the line in the sand by saying that if Dorit and PK believe Lisa had anything to do with the ROL story they couldn’t be friends with them. PK says he believes Lisa but Dorit isn’t buying it and says that she loves Lisa enough to move past it even though she still believes she had something to do with it. I have to side with LVP as if I told my friends I didn’t do something and swore on my kids lives I wouldn’t consider them a friend if they didn’t believe me. I wonder if Dorit has some hard evidence that we don’t know about as she is 110% convinced that LVP had something to do with this story, despite her husband saying that was enough for him to believe LVP.

Luckily Kyle has a lighter story line as she is doing her holiday card photo shoot (rich people stuff) and has everyone in glam to prepare (including Mauricio.) The theme is white and jeans (minus Kyle who is in gold) however their laid back photo shoot quickly escalates when her dogs escape when the gate mysteriously opens. In a pretty intense episode it was was the light moment that we all needed.

Over at Teddi’s the ladies are gathering to drink wine and discuss the upcoming camping trip. LVP comes up in conversation and Dorit discusses their unfortunate lunch and the demise of their friendship. Somehow Kyle and PK’s feud gets brought up, which Kyle is still very upset about. At this point it’s LVP vs. the world (minus PK) and PK vs. Kyle with Dorit defending PK to Kyle. I feel we need a diagram to follow all of these ridiculous feuds at this point. Are you all following along? The feud escalates as Kyle then accuses PK and Dorit not being as good as friends with the Todds as they claim to be and even insinuates that the they may have dirt on each other from their years in London.

So to recap, this feud started out with Kyle defending Dorit and PK against LVP’s alleged actions and how it’s Dorit and Kyle fighting about who is better friends with LVP. I’ll just end with that there…

Thoughts on this episode? Let’s discuss?

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