AllAboutTRH Exclusive Interview with Mexican Dynasties’ Paulina Madrazo: Get to Know Bravo’s Newest Brunette Beauty!

If you’re like me you were instantly drawn into Bravo’s newest reality show: Mexican Dynasties which showcased three very wealthy, tight knight Mexican families. The show was a bit different than Bravo’s usual formula as it explored the entire family dynamic (vs. just the women) and it proved to be a hit as many viewers found it heart warming and hilarious. Two of the breakout stars were the fun loving Madrazo siblings, Oscar and Paulina, who had a very unique and modern family. AllAboutTRH had the opportunity to exclusively speak with the beautiful Paulina Madrazo about the show and her nontraditional, crazy family life. Check out our interview below and let us know what you think about the Mexican Dynasties’ crew.

Welcome to the crazy world of reality TV! When you were approached to do the show – what made you want to sign up for it? 

Paulina Madrazo: I loved the idea of showing the rest of the world not only my beautiful country and culture but also the values, love and fun that are present in my family’s every day life. What better way of doing it than on a reality show based precisely on family?

Were you familiar with Bravo before joining Mexican Dynasties? Were you a fan of any of the housewives shows?

I knew the channel from when I used to travel to the U.S. and knew a couple of shows but didn’t really follow or watch them since we don’t have Bravo in Mexico. I knew the shows existed and knew a few of them trough social media and entertainment news but had never really watched a ‘housewives’ show before.

Was there any hesitation about doing reality TV? 

Not at all! I was ready to go since day one!

All three families (Madrazos, Allendes y Bessudos) are very close. How long have your families known each other? 

Many years! My parents and Raquel and Leon have been friend since before I was born. My parents and the Bessudos used to have a lot of friends in  common and they became great friends. Raquel, Oscar an I work in fashion in Mexico City and attend many social events together. 
Reality TV is notorious for causing tension between families and friends. Has the show caused any drama or feuds off camera between your family and the Bessudo or Allende families?
Not at all! We are all one big family and love hanging out together.  We are in constant contact with each other and love partying together any chance we have.  Whether it’s in Mexico City or wherever we bump into each other when traveling.
Your family seems super close – especially you and your brother Oscar. What is the general reaction you two get regarding your close relationship?

People are not used to siblings being as close as we are, but for us, it really is super normal and the only way we would have it.  We are fortunate enough to have our best friend close all the time, and we have the confidence and security that we will always watch out for each other no matter what.

I admit I laughed when Doris said that you and Oscar reminded her of the incestuous characters from ‘Game of Thrones.’ What was your reaction when she said that?

Jajajaja I also laughed so much!! It was hilarious, we don’t take things personally and we prefer laughing of ourselves. 

I looked up Que Madrazo! on YouTube and enjoyed watching you and Oscar host together – especially the fashion segments. Would you ever consider expanding into the U.S. entertainment industry with your show?

We would LOVE TO!! Fashion and entertainment are our passions and would love to share the Que Madrazo fun and craziness with everyone in the U.S.

Bravo recently announced they are launching a new show called ‘Texicanas‘ about a fabulous group of Mexican-Americans living in Texas. What is your reaction to networks such as Bravo having more shows geared towards Latinos?

I think this is amazing, Latin power all the way! I am so proud that Mexico’s and Latin culture are being portrayed in a different way, I also think that Latinos living far away from home really enjoy seeing their roots and lifestyle on TV . I met the Texicanas two weeks ago and I absolutely loooove them, we became instant friends! I can’t wait to see their show and wish them all the success.  I am also excited to see San Antonio on TV, it’s a city I love and is very close to my heart.

Fun Question: Bravo is a network that has many shows featuring attractive, gay men. Is there anyone in particular that you would want to set your brother Oscar up with?

I don’t know the other shows and cast members that well, but of course I could check them out and see if I find a brother-in-law that I would like 😉

Special thanks to Paulina Madrazo for catching up with us at AllAboutTRH! You can catch the Mexican Dynasties season finale tonight at 10 PM EST on Bravo.

What were your thoughts on Mexican Dynasties? Are you hoping for a season 2?

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