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RHOBH Recap: Do you Really Want to Hurt Me?

Happy hump day Beverly Hills fans! We made it halfway through the week but will LVP make it through this season? Time will tell…

We start out with Kyle’s daughter Portia and Teddi’s daughter Slate making their modeling debuts (apparently kid makeup is a thing in Beverly Hills?) While the kiddos are on the fast track to become the next Deliliah and Amelia (who are on track to become the next Gigi and Bella) Erika Jayne is getting ready for her sold out show while Aaron and Denise workout (and have sex.) All in all, it’s just your average day in Beverly Hills!

The real meat of the show (naturally) involves Lisa Vanderpump. LVP is meeting up with Denise to finally give her the wedding gifts and discuss her hurt feelings while at the same kind Dorit and Kyle are meeting across town to discuss the exact same thing. While Denise feels that LVP should simply talk it out with the ladies, LVP is not feeling the love as she feels if Kyle really loved her she wouldn’t have said those things to her. Meanwhile, Dorit compares LVP to Charlie Sheen so perhaps LVP is right to be a little standoff-ish.

Fortunately for us viewers, the LVP drama is glossed over so we can get to the Boy George concert which all the ladies (minus Denise and LVP) are attending. Despite a mini meltdown from Cruz Arroyave, the ladies are able to get there on time; however mention the (pink) elephant in the room on the ride over. Teddi reveals she sent a text to LVP which was supposed to be an olive branch; however Kyle (correctly) says in her talking head that there is no way this text was going to smooth anything over between the two. Camille also reveals that she knew LVP was invited to her shower but played dumb because she is afraid of her  as it was easier than getting involved in this mess. PK is also trying to mend fences with the Todds and has scored an exclusive lunch date with the couple by reminding Ken that he is not Teddi Mellencamp. Sound reasoning PK!

After all of the puppygate mess, the ladies are ready to let their hair down and have some fun by going to the Greek and seeing the infamous Boy George. Not attending? LVP who is back at Villa Rosa having a romantic night in with her dogs. Rinna feels it is a slap to PK that the Todds didn’t show up to support the Boy George show; however luckily Billy Idol is there to stand in for the Vanderpump-Todd team.

Denise and Aaron also decided to skip the show to help with homework and discuss the never ending divorce drama with her ex-Charlie Sheen. Apparently the two didn’t have a prenup which made things messy even though Denise decided not to take half of Charlie’s money. In retrospect, she probably should have as Charlie ended up losing his money (14 lawyers will do that to you) and now is looking to alter the amount he pays his two ex-wives on a monthly basis. I would say Aaron is definitely head over heels in love with Denise as girl is gorgeous but comes with a lot of baggage! Perhaps to help Charlie out, the couple can pay him every time his name is mentioned on the show?

The Boy George show looks fun with the ladies letting loose (however no one gets more loose than margarita Kyle who is getting down with her bad self.) The show is fabulous with Gladys Knight even making a cameo; however Erika can’t stay around for the grand finale as she has a show of her own to attend. Unfortunately for Erika the grand finale looks pretty spectacular, gospel choir and all.

The ladies (naturally) score a back seat pass to see the star however unfortunately it does not go well for Kyle as it ends up turning into a feud between PK and Kyle. PK throws a jab saying she may have an issue on stage as she can’t even get along with her best friends and blames it (on what else?) British humor. In all honesty I didn’t think it would trigger Kyle like it did; however she felt that because the only reason she is feuding with LVP was due to defending the Kemsleys it was a low blow. The rest of the ladies (including Dorit) agree with this assessment and Kyle ends up storming out with PK insisting that he and Kyle are not in the same boat with the Todds.

While Kyle and the ladies go to the car to defend Kyle, Dorit stays back to reprimand her husband. Dorit then storms off to the car to defend her husband and dismisses Teddi while doing it (bringing back their previous season feud.) The feud then turns from PK vs. Kyle to Dorit vs. Teddi. Since this is RHOBH a flippant remark gets blamed on British humor and is unnecessarily dragged out for much longer than needed. Is anyone really surprised?

Next week instead of settling old feuds we’re starting new ones – stay tuned loves!

Thoughts on this episode? Let’s discuss!

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