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Kyle Richards Reacts To Dorit Kemsley’s Husband PK Making A Joke/Jab At The Boy George Concert!

This season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills the fallout between Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump is taking over the show. On a recent RHOBH outing, the ladies (minus LVP) go to a Boy George concert together. Things get intense quickly when Dorit Kemsley’s husband, PK, makes a joke/jab at Kyle. “It was on purpose, it was a jab,” Kyle shared with Bravo’s After Show.

Kyle said that she would be “vulnerable” on stage with thousands staring at her. PK Kemsley responded, “You’d have issues. You can’t even get along with your best friend.” He quickly calls it a “joke” and Kyle and the rest of the cast think it’s definitely a “jab.” Kyle quickly fired back, “You’re in the same f—king position. I don’t want to burst your bubble PK, but Lisa’s not talking to you.” PK then claimed that Ken Todd is speaking to him.

Kyle shared in her confessional, “The whole reason I even got into this situation was speaking up on your wife’s behalf and now, you’re giving me a jab and trying to get back into Lisa and Ken’s good graces? Is that what’s happening here?” Dorit tried to explain that her husband was joking, but when they leave she explained to him that he doesn’t know the ladies like she does. Dorit stated, “You make a joke and you hurt someone’s feelings, you say ‘I’m very sorry, stupid joke.'” The ladies discuss it backstage. Kyle said, “Forget me, it’s f—king disrespectful to his own wife to talk like that. Good luck having sex with your wife tonight.”

Kyle shared on Bravo, “I thought to myself, ‘Wow PK you’re really trying to play both sides of the fence here.’ Well not my side, I don’t know whose side. Actually never mind, no but PK and Dorit weren’t even speaking to Ken and Lisa. Or I should say Ken and Lisa weren’t even speaking to PK and Dorit. So oh, now you make one phone call and you make a comment to me like that? I mean, how about thanks instead of you know throwing out a jab at me like that?””
Kyle felt that Dorit was on her side but was still trying to defend her husband. However; Kyle thought she would get at text. Did she? Nope! Kyle said, “So I left there and I thought well I’m gonna get a text or something, and then I didn’t. I was like this is just so weird. You were just rude to me, I left upset, and then I didn’t hear anything.”
Watch Kyle and some of the cast members react to the incident in the video below:
I love when Boy George makes appearances on the show! I think it was wrong of PK to say that to Kyle, especially in front of people. Kyle has been defending Dorit and PK all season long, and that is not showing loyalty. It was rude and was in poor taste. It seems that Dorit feels torn between her friend and her husband. I think this was an eye opener for Kyle, honestly. I also don’t think that Ken and Lisa were speaking to PK and Dorit. They weren’t on good terms, even if he had a phone call with Ken. I’m looking forward to watching everything play out on the show, and I’m especially looking forward to the RHOBH reunion!

Thoughts on this all? Thoughts on PK’s comment? Thoughts on how Kyle and Dorit reacted? Sound off below!

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