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Cynthia Bailey Opens Up About Her RHOA Reunion Fallout With NeNe Leakes, Plus Shares Her Ideal Wedding Plans!

Cynthia Bailey joined Andy Cohen for an episode of Watch What Happens Live to dish on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. During the recent RHOA reunion Cynthia and NeNe Leakes had a falling out, after being friends for years. Not only did Cynthia talk about the RHOA, she shared her ideal wedding plans! Cynthia has been dating Mike Hill, and they both have made it clear that they’re going to get married. Cynthia shared on WWHL, “I am not married, but I have every intention of getting married.”

As far as the hot mic moment on the show, that looked like Cynthia was conspiring to get Kenya Moore to attend her party without telling NeNe, Cynthia admitted that it looked like a set-up. Cynthia said, “Oh yeah, it looked crazy, absolutely. I can understand why she was upset about what it looked like. But I tried to explain, we actually had a scene after the whole event, and we hugged it out, we went out, we hung out. This happened in October. I’ve hung out with NeNe a lot since October. I thought we were good.” Andy pointed out that they were good at his baby shower and were great.

Cynthia said they were on good terms after so it’s confusing why things escalated after everything had already happened. Cynthia said, “This is why I’m good where I’m at right now. Regardless of what you see or what you read or what caption or whatever, what you have seen since we have been friends, is me be nothing but completely loyal and a great friend to this woman for years.” Cynthia added, “So even if we had a moment or she didn’t like it or whatever, you know not giving an opportunity to try and explain it or whatever. Okay that’s fine, but that does not cancel out all the years I have been a great friend. This one thing, this is it? Over this one stupid petty incident?”

The poll showed that viewers were firmly on Cynthia’s side. She said, “thank you” to that.

A caller wanted to know if Marlo Hampton was inserting herself too much between NeNe and Cynthia. She answered, “I felt like my issue with NeNe was my issue with NeNe and I really honestly went into the reunion feeling like we could kinda get past it. I was really, really trying hard to explain my way out of it. But she just wasn’t really hearing it, and Marlo wasn’t really helping.”

Does NeNe hide behind social media? Cynthia said, “Well, I think she is vocal to my face but she’s very vocal on social media. That was a very interesting post that she posted, I don’t know it kind of felt like it might have been about me, I kind of heard it was.” Andy asked if it was the post they discussed at the reunion and Cynthia said yes. Cynthia replied, “Yes, but she said it wasn’t about me so I let it go.”

As far as wedding planning goes, Cynthia already has an idea of what she wants! Would she want an extravagant wedding or something low-key? Cynthia answered, “I want something small because I’ve had a wedding before. Mike has been married before but he’s never had a wedding, so he actually wants a wedding.” They have been thinking about locations as well. Cynthia shared, “We’ve talked about a destination wedding.”

Will her mom and sister be in charge of the marriage license this time? Cynthia answered, “Maybe not, but they will be invited.” Will her ex-husband Peter Thomas get an invite? “Probably not.”

However; she wouldn’t be opposed to doing business with her future spouse. She shared, “I would, you know what, a lot of great things came out of Peter and I doing business together.”

How many outfit changes will she have when she gets married? “I would definitely have one, maybe two, but I would keep it pretty simple,” Cynthia shared.

I think that things have gone too far between Cynthia and NeNe with this situation. I think they will eventually reconcile and get their friendship back on track. I definitely think wedding bells are in Cynthia’s future! I’m glad to see her so happy. I’m looking forward to next season!

Thoughts on this all? Sound off below!

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