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RHOBH Recap – Let’s Discuss!

Happy hump day Beverly Hills fans! Kudos to anyone who is still sticking around for this season – it has been argued to be one of the worst in Beverly Hills history. Will things finally get better? Well let’s find out…

We start out with Dorit visiting Denise as the two have become fast friends. Dorit laments to Denise that she does not trust LVP but at the same time misses her friendship. Am I the only one to think it’s crazy that all these ladies claim to love LVP but at the same time don’t trust her? Am I the only one who can say with confidence that I truly trust all of my friends? Anyone I don’t trust I don’t consider a friend – but hey, that’s just me!

On a happier note, Kyle is throwing a bridal shower for Camille (her former nemesis) as apparently she no longer thinks Camille is a f**king liar. Can we please go back to season one when calling someone an effing liar was considered a major scandal? The scandal for this episode is apparently Kyle is under the impression that LVP is attending the shower; however LVP has more pressing matters such as tearing down a perfectly good (and already expensive) kitchen.

The day of the bridal shower is upon us and Faye apparently thinks she is the bride and shows up in white; however the real issue is that LVP has a place at the table as apparently she didn’t notify her nemesis hostess that she would not be attending. Also not attending? Erika Girardi Jayne as she is out on the tour of the year and has some gyrating moves she needs to practice. Look out Ariana! At least we hope she will be on tour as she took a pretty nasty hit to the face by one of her dancers; however being the true art-ist that she is, the show must go on.

Meanwhile, at the shower, the show goes on minus a very important guest being MIA. No one is more surprised than Kyle that she is the one hosting the shower due to her volatile past with the bride to be; however the focus is on the fact that Vanderpump is missing. Kyle may have fallen out with LVP; however when one door closes a window is opened as she is now on speaking terms with her two sisters now that American Woman was officially cancelled. Blessing in disguise perhaps?

After the shower, Kyle and Portia are being their fabulous selves by driving around Kyle’s newest toy (which to me is a $30K power wheel.) Look – I’m sure for car aficionados it may be cool but for your average person it looks ridiculous (and kind of unsafe driving in regular traffic.) Rich people – what will they spend money on next?

Also spending some quality time with family is Lisa Rinna who is at some ultra-weird medical spa with her mother and two daughters. They all get some odd Hollywood treatments while at the same time discussing the Brett Kavanaugh debacle. Apparently Harry Hamlin is transfixed with the news coverage and we know from previews that Lisa Rinna feels strongly about the debate. Overall it’s a weird scene and I feel we are all poor Lois right now – bewildered and confused.

After a day of freezing chambers and holistic IVs the ladies decide to lunch and the topic of Camille’s shower comes up as LVP claims she was not invited. Luckily for the viewers the topic changes quickly as apparently Harry Hamlin sat the luncheon out so that he could stay home to watch the Brett Kavanaugh hearing. Camille takes a very strong stance defending Kavanaugh as she claims her character has been wrongfully attacked and she knows what it feels like. Camille oddly gets very emotional about it and even has to step out to cry with Kyle following her out to console her. Despite the drama, Camille takes the time to ask Kyle to be her bridesmaid which is sweet – but the timing is a bit off. Luckily we have some distractions from this heavy topic as both Kyle’s sisters Kim and Kathy are dining at the exact same restaurant in pure coincidence. Although Kyle is happy to see them (as they are now on speaking terms) Rinna isn’t quite as tickled as apparently she has not spoke with Kim since the infamous bunny incident (spoiler alert – they still aren’t speaking.)

The next day, the aftermath of the dinner hits Lois and Rinna as the two discuss the #MeToo movement and we end up learning a lot about Lois’ past. I was sincerely moved by Lois sharing her story about being nearly raped and killed in a harrowing tale about a man picking her up and taking her to a deserted road. Fortunately a policeman saw them drive down the road and saved her. To say it was a close call is an understatement as the man went on to become a serial killer. The story honestly gave me the chills and it falls into the category ‘the truth is stranger than fiction.’

We get a preview of what’s to come and to say it’s drama filled is an understatement. Hang in there my Beaverly Hills beauties!

Thoughts on this episode? Let’s discuss!

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