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Lisa Vanderpump Addresses Accusations She Leaked The Puppy Gate Story, Plus Shares Which Wives Have Reached Out For Support!

Lisa Vanderpump, star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, joined Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen to discuss everything happening this season. They had a ton of topics to discuss: Puppy Gate, who leaked the story about Dorit Kemsley, her fight with Kyle Richards, this entire season of the RHOBH, etc. LVP opened up about everything!

For starters, Lisa opened up about puppy gate and accusations that she leaked a negative story about Dorit to the press. Does she think that Dorit really believed the puppy was going to a good home? Lisa answered, “Well, I think maybe she was told that it was going to a nice home. I don’t know. I don’t think she really knew the woman. I don’t think there was any malintent here, I’ve said that from the beginning.”

As for people thinking that Lisa should have fired some of her employees at the Vanderpump Dogs rescue center, Lisa replied, “Oh my God, he’s twenty three years old. He’s working for 501c3 nonprofit charity. It’s like I’m not going to fire him over him kind of getting involved in dog shit and bullshit and gossiping. Why would I fire him?”

LVP explained, “Well, I mean clearly if Dorit had done the right thing, then none of this would have happened. But I’m not saying she’s to blame, she’s the catalyst. But I think it should’ve ended when Dorit and PK and Ken and I went to lunch. And we said ‘Okay that’s it, it’s done.’ But everyone else gets involved, ‘Lets bring it up, lets bring it up, lets bring it up.’ So I think everybody’s got a part in it.”

The COO of Radar Online stated that LVP has never been an anonymous source for the website. Does Lisa think that anyone from her camp leaked the story? She swiftly answered, “Oh, no.” Lisa thinks that someone who wanted to bring her down leaked it. She said, “Hold on a second, we’re a 501c3 like a very serious organization that relies on kind of big sponsors and donors. Any of this nonsense is really negative publicity, it’s not something that we want to be involved in.”

So who does she think leaked it? “I think it’s from somebody that doesn’t wish me well,” she said. Andy said that people thought that the article was a positive reflection of Lisa and all the work she does for dogs. However; Lisa explained, “It flipped, didn’t it. I don’t need that kind of negativity, I don’t need that kind of positivity. You know, I don’t know, I think maybe somebody that wanted to throw me under.”

When Lisa was asked about her husband Ken Todd getting involved in the fight she had with Kyle, Lisa said, “Well, I’ve heard you know, Mauricio shout ‘I’m a f***ing bitch.’ Which I don’t think Ken would ever say that about Kyle.” If it was flipped and Mauricio kicked her out, Lisa said, “Well, of course, I think everybody was upset. But I think Ken’s really protective of me. But I also think, obviously the scene was longer than you see. When you’ve asked someone to go a couple times and they’re not getting the message, it’s like get the f**k out of my house, you know. It takes a lot for me to get to that point.” Lisa explained she was going through a lot and was sad, and for one of her best friends to accuse her of lying with no proof – it’s “not acceptable.” Especially when someone swears on their children’s lives, she added.

Lisa feels that Dorit made a “careless choice” with the puppy situation. She explained, “You know what, I’m never really going to have a go at Dorit. I think it was a careless choice, I wrote that in my blog.” LVP isn’t trying to get publicity for her rescue center. She said, “When people are like ‘Oh you want to shine a light on your foundation.’ No I don’t. The Dorit dog dumping story, is not what I want to shine a light on. I want to shine a light on resolution 401, I want to shine a light on the thousand dogs we’ve saved.”

Have any other Real Housewives reached out in support? Have her own castmates? As for other franchises, she said, “No, I don’t think so, but some I know socially and they’re always very lovely to me. But no they haven’t but that’s okay.” Lisa said that she wishes that her own castmates would have reached out – besides telling her where they were going to be filming. She explained, “I would kind of appreciate my own castmates reaching out, really. Rather than just texting me and telling me what time we’re filming and that I should come by to be beaten up again. You know that’s bullshit when someone says, ‘Oh well I’ve reached out to her.’ Oh yeah, ‘We’ll be there celebrating my mother’s birthday at 4 o’clock here.’ You know what’s going on. That’s not somebody picking up the phone, or talking to you off camera and saying ‘How are you doing?'”

Who would she get rid of if she could get rid of one cast member? Lisa joked, “Does it have to be one?” Then she added that it would probably be her. “I’ve had a bad experience with all of them,” she explained. Would she rather have dinner with Brandi Glanville or take a long car ride with Teddi Mellencamp? Lisa laughed and said that dinner with Brandi sounds fantastic.

Lisa also thanked the fans for all their support, however; she doesn’t support the “aggression” against anyone online. Lisa said, “I don’t condone that, but thank you for all your support.”

I love LVP! I’m glad that this WWHL episode covered so many topics. I really feel for Lisa, she’s been going through a lot this season. I don’t like seeing the friendship fallout between Lisa and Kyle. This season has been very heavy and I’m hoping that it will get lighter as the episodes go on. I want it to go back to being fun and hilarious. So much has happened between the RHOBH cast but I’m hopeful that they’ll all be able to make amends and get to a good place again. It will just take a lot of time.

Thoughts on everything LVP had to say? Share below!

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