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RHOBH Recap: A Wolf in Camille’s Clothing

The hills are alive with the sound of a 12 year friendship being thrown down the drain. Are you ready to see the aftermath? Let’s begin….

We start with a recap of last week which was the epic fight between Kyle and Lisa with both ladies telling their own versions of the story. Luckily for LVP, she has a kitchen renovation to distract herself while Kyle has a date night with her husband (and some delicious looking pasta.) Kyle confesses to Mauricio that she still loves Lisa; but cut to LVP telling Ken that she is clearly over her friendship with Kyle. Mauricio is sad his friend Ken spoke to his wife in a stern tone; however Ken admits he saw red when he heard Kyle talking to his wife like that. It’s a very sad situation all around and I really think if you want to keep a strong friendship – don’t go on reality TV. I’m sure both are genuinely hurt but both believe in their hearts that they are right which doesn’t make for an easy reconciliation.

Over at casa Kemsley, we learn that PK is diabetic and his doting wife Dorit is trying to change his eating habits; however a leopard doesn’t change it’s spots. Luckily Dorit has lots of help as the girl has problems making a simple smoothie so I’m going to say cooking may not be her strong suite.

Also trying to stay healthy are Rinna, Erika and Denise who are trying some weird cirque de soleil yoga. Props to them as I feel I would fail miserably and end up stuck in an inversion (a la Erika Girardi.) After their session the ladies discuss Kyle and LVP (because what else would they discuss) and it’s clear everyone is #TeamKyle. Rinna invites the ladies to a post-wedding celebration for Aaron and Denise which is sure to arouse more #puppygate gossip.

Newlyweds Aaron and Denise are nesting by installing cameras to prevent teens from escaping (a natural necessity) and dine alfresco to celebrate their new life. The newlyweds discuss LVP and Kyle (once again – what else would they discuss) and Aaron is as baffled as we are as to why this is still being dragged out. Denise wants to talk to LVP; however Aaron is skeptical that getting in the middle will help (wise man Aaron, wise man.)

Lisa Vanderpump’s birthday recently passed; however due to the death of her brother she has decided to have a small, intimate gathering vs. her usual grand soiree. Apparently she did not communicate this, as Dorit and PK are hurt that they were not invited to her party as they assumed they would be. I feel that Lisa wanting to celebrate her birthday with a small group due to her brother’s passing is completely unrelated to puppygate and feel the ladies should give her a pass for not inviting them.

Rinna and Teddi are meeting across town to discuss LVP’s birthday as by now we all know that Rinna made a huge mistake by sending a birthday message with a visual of pills. Rinna feels horrible as she had a sister that died of an overdose which is tragically the same way LVP’s brother passed. I don’t believe that Rinna would ever intentionally do this – but I also feel she constantly does things that end with her foot landing in her mouth (Ash Wednesday anyone?) At this point I have come to terms with the fact that I don’t understand Rinna’s sense of humor; however I don’t think the birthday message was intentional.

Across town, LVP is having an intimate gathering at TomTom for her birthday and Denise is the only lucky ‘housewife’ that made the cut. Side note: when I say intimate I mean intimate for LVP – for the rest of us mortals it would be quite extravagant. Perhaps I should have said ‘unlucky’ as poor Denise is super awkward waiting for LVP to make her fashionably (very) late entrance. As Lisa celebrates at TomTom, the remaining ladies (and Dorit’s boobs) are meeting for drinks which Denise later joins. The ladies instantly grill Denise about her meeting with LVP and seem disappointed that Denise wasn’t able to dig up any gossip. What’s not disappointing? LVP’s gorgeous cake and the gorgeous, shirtless men that carried it. Well done!

Next week we have a bridal shower, a missing guest and some Kavanaugh debate. Stay tuned my friends!

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