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AllAboutTRH Poll: Was the ‘Goodbye Kyle’ Challenge Mean Spirited or Funny?

Ay yi yi – RHOBH is done with filming and yet we are still discussing the same drama. Save it for the reunion ladies! Over the weekend, Kyle Richards and her pals (including Faye Resnick and E!’s Justin Sylvester (aka the Lady Sitter) had a late night out which included a trip to SUR to imitate Ken Todd’s now infamous “goodbye Kyle” line. It could have stopped there; however, this video started a new challenge with everyone from Harry Hamlin to Kris Jenner doing their very best version of the ‘goodbye Kyle.’ This led us at AllAboutTRH to have our own internal debate on whether this was funny or mean. So what went down?

It started with a wild night out between Kyle and her buddies which ended outside of Lisa and Ken’s Hollywood restaurant SUR. Kyle stated she was going to order ‘a Goodbye Kyle on the rocks’ while her friend wanteda tequila with a side of Goodbye Kyle!’ The Uber driver kept the game up as he dropped the group off one by one which then led to a movement: 

After the video went viral, everyone from Rinna to Teddi to even Kris Jenner got involved with the ‘Goodbye Kyle’ challenge:

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#goodbyekyle #Iconic ?

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Pretty Mess Krewe with the #goodbyekyle challenge. ??

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Someone who didn’t think it was funny? The one who it was targeting, as Lisa Vanderpump agreed with a fan that it was just plain bullying:

The AllAboutTRH team was split on whether this was a funny way for Kyle to make light of what happened or was another gang up against LVP. It seems that fans are split as well as viewers took to social media to take sides with some finding it hilarious and others saying it was in bad taste. We want to know what you think: take our poll below then comment with your thoughts on the latest chapter of the never-ending #puppygate:

Do you think the challenge was funny? Do you agree with Lisa that it is bullying?

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